Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cumberland Farms Tumbling Turtles Ice Cream

[By Nick] Hey look, another review that got lost in my backlog! Now if you can recall, I got this pint when I got their Cappuccino Craving flavor. Yeah, that was awhile ago but there's a good reason it kept getting pushed back. Let's start from the beginning though and how great this flavor sounds on paper. I mean it's not all that often you'll find a chocolate malt base and who doesn't love caramel filled turtles? As we have learned though, not everything can be as great as it seems.

Cumberland Farms Tumbling Turtles Ice Cream
Caramel-filled turtles floating in a chocolate-malted ice cream
ribboned with a rich caramel sauce

First off, like the other pint this one was a bit freezer burnt at the top. 
Thankfully the rest of the ice cream wasn't damaged.

Now for the base flavor, there was some maltiness to it but I feel like I only noticed it because I was expecting it from the start. If I didn't read the description, I wouldn't have thought this was supposed to be a chocolate malt base at all. The caramel swirl might have been the best part though. While it's on the sweeter side, it's consistency was perfect. Thick, gooey and everything you'd want in a caramel. It seems as if Cumberland Farms knows how to execute their swirls.

As for the caramel filled turtles, well they're just downright adorable. Just look at those little fellas. There's one major problem though, they are beyond scarce. If I didn't take those guys out from the get go, I would've only had a few more opportunities to have photographed other ones. That's a shame too because they're quite tasty. Their chocolate coating doesn't come off as cheap like I was expecting and they're filled with the same sweet caramel you encounter in the swirl. Like I said though, you need to savor them because you're not getting many. ‎

I feel like if Cumberland Farms took their ice cream a little more seriously, they would be able to take on brands like Ben & Jerry's. As is, they just seem to be afterthoughts and not executed properly. Still, that won't deter me from trying out their other flavors. It just might take awhile for me to post another review... sorry.

Verdict? Give me moar turtles!
Buy Again? Nope

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