Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blue Bunny Double Strawberry Ice Cream

[By Nick] Did you know that [January 15th was]* National Strawberry Ice Cream Day? You didn’t, well that’s why we’re here! Along with the pint of Blue Bunny Butter Pecan I found at that gas station, I also picked up their Double Strawberry flavor. So what better day to break into this one than on a holiday dedicated to its existence? So without further ado, let's open this one up and celebrate!

Blue Bunny Double Strawberry Ice Cream
Strawberry ice cream churned with a mouth-watering strawberry sauce
and loaded with sun-ripened strawberries

With something named Double Strawberry, the top layer is pretty underwhelming. Heck, the base even looks like its vanilla. Thankfully the taste makes up for the subpar aesthetics. It’s no secret that I love strawberry ice cream and that’s the exact case with this one. The base is a milder strawberry flavor that is quite pleasant. There’s nothing worse than an artificial strawberry flavor and Blue Bunny has managed to make one of the more natural tasting bases I’ve had.

The majority of the strawberry flavor comes from the strawberry sauce. While more jelly like than a traditional swirl, it really packs some flavor. Once again, the flavor isn’t at all artificial and harkens back to memories of eating freshly picked strawberries. Some of those berries would be mild while others would be very potent and this is exactly what this flavor embodies. (Side Note: I feel like Ben & Jerry’s should take a lesson from Blue Bunny and incorporate a sauce into their Strawberry Cheesecake so it would be more than just average)

However, I could’ve done without the sun-ripened strawberries that were in the mix. Like most fruit in ice cream, they were a bit icy and detracted from the overall experience. Thankfully, unlike the flavors description, my pint wasn’t “loaded” with them so they were a nonfactor for the most part. I’d have no gripes if Blue Bunny was to leave them out completely though because there’s already enough strawberry flavor going on. Now would I want a big container of this flavor? Not a chance. It’s too plain for my liking and I’d imagine the strawberries would be more abundant in those containers. That said, I would pick this up again in the pint size to cure a strawberry craving.

Verdict?  One of the better mainstream strawberry flavors on the market
Buy Again?  Sure

*Dubba's Note: sorry, power outage threw off my schedule, I was suppose to post this yesterday.

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