Friday, July 26, 2013

Ben & Jerry's Cake Batter Ice Cream

[new for 2008,retired at the end of 2016]

Dubba's 2016 Update: I really thought this one had retired for whatever reason, but it is not dead and instead has made the transition to the Non-GMO lineup. It's a nice flavor that doesn't overpower with a batter blast or a chocolate overload. It's just a nice, refined cake flavor. Nick's original review after the break.

Ben & Jerry's Cake Batter Ice Cream

[Original Review by Nick] Hey look, I found a Ben & jerry’s flavor Dubba hasn’t reviewed and this time it’s not on its way to the graveyard! I think this is deserving of a celebration and what a coincidence that the flavor I found is perfect for a party. It’s no surprise that Dubba never reviewed this one seeing as he isn’t the biggest fan of cake flavored ice creams. I am a bit surprised his little minion hasn’t conned him into picking this one up for her though.

Ben & Jerry's Cake Batter consists of just Yellow Cake Batter Ice Cream and a Chocolate Frosting Swirl, making this one of Ben & Jerry’s more simplistic flavors. This one was released a half decade ago to celebrate Ben & Jerry’s 30 birthday so this review is a tad bit overdue. Happy 35th though, Ben & Jerry’s!

Well, it looks like I got a refreeze. Maybe we should hold off on that party I wanted to throw. But that is always a risk when buying pints from sketchy gas stations. Oh well, it doesn’t look all that bad, you can see the frosting swirl has been mixed into the yellow base causing an off color. Lets dig deeper to see if it looks a bit better.

Well while that base isn’t all that yellow, at least the frosting swirl makes things look more appetizing. That cake batter base is quite sweet but not as much as their crème brulee was. Honestly, it tastes spot on like a yellow cake.

The chocolate frosting is what really makes this flavor worth a buy. Even with this being a refreeze, it’s thick and fudge like in texture. The flavor is quite rich so much in fact when you run into huge concentrations it becomes borderline overbearing. This is definitely for those who love cake batter and have a very big sweet tooth. I feel like something is missing though. Some cake chunks or even sprinkles would’ve gone a long way in adding some added textual components. As is though, I’d still say this is probably my favorite cake batter ice cream.

Verdict?  A cake batter ice cream that doesn’t mess around.
Buy Again?  Yes but not from that gas station.


  1. This flavor isn't carried anymore where I live but I tried it a few years ago. I remembering not detecting a cake flavor at all because the chocolate swirl overpowered it. I was greatly disappointed. I'm surprised it hasn't been buried yet.

  2. @Stride: Yeah, the cake flavor does get drowned out by the frosting swirl. I was the kid who would only eat the frosting off of cake when served it so I'm fine with it. Most stores around me don't carry it either which is why I decided to grab it when I saw it at the gas station.

  3. I'd like to see Ben and Jerry's re-release this one without the chocolate swirl but with cake pieces and perhaps a blue ribbon swirl.

  4. This was my favorite flavor and I wish they would bring it back.


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