Monday, March 18, 2013

Healthy Choice Raspberry Greek Frozen Yogurt Review

[New for 2012] So during the second half of last year, I spied the new Hea!thy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt over at Wegmans. We were kind of knee deep in seasonal treats and I just wasn't in the mood for ANOTHER greek treat, so I held off on buying them. Well, I spied these at Walmart not so long ago and decided to finally give them a try.

So there are four original flavors: Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, and Vanilla Bean. Since I love Raspberry, let's start there. Note: Dark Fudge and Honey Swirl join the lineup in 2013, though Honey Swirl didn't make it to 2014.

Cool, well that's a neat design on the lid (the right one). I dig the mosaic look, it's just fun and artistic yet strangely mathematical  Yeah, I lost everyone on that one didn't I? Unfortunately my excitement doesn't last long as I pick up the little container and realize just how small a 100 calories of greek froyo is.

I peel back the metallic lid... and it rips. Ugg, give me a second. At least it's fairly interesting looking, well, the raspberry bits everywhere has my eye I should say. Am I suppose to let it sit for a minute?

Ok, so my goal will be take take tiny scoops because deep down I'm pretty sure I could swallow this in one bite. There's no real smell at first, but then I take a big scoop and now I can smell really raspberry yogurt.

Haa, it's swirled. It's not a straight raspberry flavor but a mix of raspberry and what I assume is a vanilla base (or plain base, this is yogurt after all). Thankfully the flavor is fine, it's not too tart, but it's got that chalky froyo texture. I'm kind of surprised that it's not bad. It has a yogurt taste, but not that greek tang and I'm cool with that.

You know, I'm not sure what else to say. It's FROZEN yogurt. Yeah, it's got a bit of creamy texture, but well, I mean, yeah, it's fine. I've had so many worse treats so I can't complain. I do think that it has a little extra something that's setting it apart from the yoplait yogurt I tried. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's better ...and its over. It was quick, but not bad. You know, it's almost like it's a half refrigerated yogurt and half ice cream hybrid.

On Second Scoop: Ok, it's been a few weeks and I've already had ice cream once today, so this makes a good final snack of the day. Yes, the texture is 'unique', but there's something about this that holds your interest. It tastes like yogurt (in a positive way, the flavor is mellow but enjoyable, and it works, good enough anyway. I don't think the crowd that picks this up is going to be disappointed, and that's what matters.

Verdict?  Not bad at all
Buy the brand Again?  Yes

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Anonymous said...

The Healthy Choice frozen greek yogurts are all really good. Its too bad you can't find them in local stores. I visited the HC website and used the product locator. According to HC, Ralphs stores in Inland Empire So. Cal should have them, but when I call, they don't. What UP????? So I also tried the Con Agra Foods contact page... so, can't send them emails or ask specific questions about their HC products - What UP????
Guys, if you can't find a product, you won't be buying it. Hope they can eventually figure that one out.