Friday, December 2, 2011

DQ Caramel Sundae
a.k.a. Rockin' the One Dollar Lunch

I don't know about you, but I can be a real cheap skate, and like any penny pincher, I'm offended that I forgot that a small DQ sundae is just 1 dollar (+tax around here). I saw the couple in front of me walk off with a pair of them, so I thought, hey, I could go for one of those.

It's not huge, it's just simple and tasty, and honestly, these 300 calories were enough to tide me over for awhile.... ok, ok, I washed the sundae down with some peanuts and THEN I was full for awhile.

My point is, if you are hungry for ice cream, just go get some!
And if you only have a dollar, that's ok!


Knowing this particular DQ is closing and then compounding that with the fact that I got a dollar sundae somehow, I went back again on Friday and had this

A DQ Strawberry Sundae, but unfortunately it wasn't a dollar, it was $2.51 which matched the price on the menu. I have no idea how I scored the dollar treat yesterday. I didn't ask questions, I just took my overflowing sundae back to my car and made a gigantic mess... thankfully the mess part was outside of the car. There was just so many big strawberries and sauce that I couldn't even dig in without making a huge mess. (I actually ate the back side of the sundae just so I could take the picture above)

The strawberries were very soft, so soft in fact I think I may have obliterated a few of them when I stirred everything together. The sauce is decent. Not to sweet, not to tangy. I wouldn't call it strawberry jam, but I also wouldn't call it pure strawberries either. To be honest, strawberries on top of vanilla softserve didn't do a whole lot for me. However, when I stirred the last third of my sundae together, I got a lovely (and strong) strawberry softserve that disappeared in all of 9.7 seconds.

You know, I think the strawberry sundae is more filling, or maybe it's just the day, I'm not sure. I just looked and the strawberry is a smidge healthier for you at just 260 calories and a little less fat, plus it has 40% of your Vitamin C for the day, that's too funny. I had no idea strawberries are full of C!

So, sorry for getting you excited with the start of my post, I really thought I had missed something at DQ. Other fast food joints have dollar sundaes, so I thought maybe DQ did too.

Oh well!


  1. Loved that you washed it down with peanuts!

    I think it looks pretty good for a dollar sundae and 300 calories isn't too bad.

  2. Just updated the post, the dollar price was a fluke, bummer!

  3. I love the look of the strawberry sundae..and i dont think 300 calories is all that bad for looks like it would be way more!


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