Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New! Nestle Mini Toppers
Semi-Sweet Morsels

Ok, Nestle mini morsels are nothing new here. What is different is the NEW convenient packaging. Sure, it's just a gimmick, but in it's defense, it's a mighty fine gimmick in my book.

There are at least three flavors of morsels. I went with the semi-sweet morsels figuring they would work with either cookies or ice cream (whether it be in the ice cream or on top). There are also red & green mixed "white flavored" mini morsels and there are premier white "vanilla flavored" morsels. Now think about the nonsense I just said. The red & green are white flavored and the white ones are vanilla flavored. Yes, I know it's just semantics, but it's amusing none the less.

I think they make a great looking topping, don't you agree? The size is just right to spice up a sundae. Just pop the shaker side of the lid and sprinkle some on to spice things up. It's doesn't take many of them to coat the whole sundae (think that was the last of the lovin' scoopful cookies n' cream under there)

Anyone who has made cookies already knows how these taste. I actually made the mistake of taste testing a few before writing this... several handfuls later I realized they taste just like they always have. Granted, these itty bitty bites don't have the same... uggg, can't think of the word. If you grabbed a handful of full size chips, your mouth would be in a very chocolaty place. Grab a small handful of these, and your chocolate visit will be much more brief. Ok, apparently I'm out of words.

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