Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Limited Batch! Ben & Jerry's
Flourless Chocolate Cake

On top of the five new flavors out right now,  Ben & Jerry's has also released the limited edition flourless chocolate cake. It's ok, I did a double take too. Flourless chocolate cake? I love desserts but I'm a little lost on this one wikipedia!

So, here it is, Flourless Chocolate Cake : Chocolate Ice Cream with Pieces of Flourless Chocolate Cake & a Chocolate Frosting Swirl. The title doesn't have me but that description is winning me over. I crack open the container and Ben & Jerry's very dark chocolate ice cream is there waiting to greet me.

Ok, here's our usual close up shot, though I was having a bit of trouble with the reflection. (I could have messed with it some more, but I was in some desperate need of chocolate). You can see two distinct chunks of flourless cake there at the bottom. Unlike the spongy bits in Boston Cream Pie, these bits are very dense and look alot like fudgy brownie bits. You can also see the swirls floating about. You'll notice this isn't some creamy store bought frosting here, this stuff has some serious density to it.

I couldn't wait anymore and I dug right in. Mmmmmmmm, yup, this definitely satisfies my chocolate needs right now. I like it, I really do, it's not what I was expecting. First off, you could have told me these were brownie bits and i wouldnt know the difference. That's not a bad thing. And this fudge swirl? Is it sweet and disgusting? Nope, not even close. In fact, it doesn't really stand out at all. Instead, it seems to be adding to the overall taste and texture. Sometimes you may have 3 or 4 tastes in one pint, but that's not happening here. Sure some bites have different texture, but overall, the taste is fairly consistant on every bite.

Now I was in desperate need of a chocolate fix when I tried this yesterday. I didn't notice it while I was eating it, but I was left with a pleasant dry finish reminiscent of the one I might get from some quality dark chocolate. Well, when I went back for my second scoop today, I made a point to focus on that aspect of the ice cream and quite frankly, it didn't disappoint. I'm not even sure how or why my love of dark chocolate started, but when I need a frozen fix of that vibe, I now know where to look.

It just so happens that I have a faux pint of H-D dark chocolate in the freezer. I'm curious to see how it will stack up against Flourless Chocolate Cake. If I spend a little too much time thinking about it, this flavor starts reminding me a bit of H-D Five milk chocolate and the dry nature of the cocoa it's built around. However, unlike that ice cream, Ben & Jerry's pulls back before it goes too far down that road and I would definitely consider getting this one again... maybe I'm just a sucker for the brownie like bits scattered throughout this ice cream. If you need a dark chocolate fix, give this a try!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is indeed a Walmart only special! My apologies to anyone who can't find it! --- also, it never came back after 2010 thought they did bring back chocolate therapy.


Anonymous said...

It's funny that you should mention dark chocolate. I just tried Breyers' velvet dark chocolate ice cream for the first time tonight...and fell completely in LOVE. I love regular chocolate ice cream, but this is on a whole new level! Plus, it was only 110 calories per half-cup. In a weird way, it also kind of reminded me of HD's chocolate sorbet...which I also highly recommend.

I definitley gotta try this B&J's flavor now. Thanks for the review!

- Jodi

Anonymous said...

Man! It sucks that this appears to only be available at Walmart Superstores (unless someone can confirm otherwise). We don't have Walmart in NYC and none of the Walmart's in NJ have supermarkets attached. WTF Ben & Jerry's?

I want to try this!

Hettar7 said...

Wal Mart only special!? That sucks if that's the case. I hate when companies make deals with stores for the whole "exclusive" thing. Might be good for the store, but it isn't good for the customer. sigh......

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for this item in NJ near NYC, the new Walmart in N Bergen, NJ is a supercenter. I just picked up a container there yesterday ($2.98) -- very chocolatey & good, highly recommend.

2100 88th St
North Bergen, NJ 07047

I'd call ahead & make sure it's in stock (ask for the Frozen Food section). Warning, this store is new & Customer Service needs work -- my calls kept getting sent to other depts & I ended up just heading over since I live only a few miles away.

(FYI, they also have a new Staples, Pet Mart (Smart?), Five Guys, Pollo Loco, Payless Shoes, Sleepys Mattress in the same center if you want to combine shopping.)

This Walmart is also having a 75% off Easter items sale. But be sure to CHECK when they ring it up -- the programmed prices are NOT what's on the signs. They charged me DOUBLE the sale price & Customer Svc gave me the diff back but was not in any hurry to change the programmed price when I asked about it.

Anonymous said...

I've purchased this in NYC at the first ave deli on 91st & 1st. They haven't had it for the past couple of weeks though.

Anonymous said...

This was horrible! It was dry and crumbled like hard packed dirt. I like my ice cream on the softer side so I set it out for about 10 mins this did not melt or soften at all. No bits of cake or swirl of chocolate frosting. Glad it's limited!