Thursday, September 18, 2008

Turkey Hill Light Ice Cream
Snyder's Chocolate Pretzel

[Discontinued] I needed some extra energy to mow, so I took out the fresh container of Turkey Hill's Synder's Chocolate Pretzel Ice Cream and dug in. The first thing that hit me was a very pleasant vanilla. Next was an ok fudge. And then, buried just below the surface, was a treasure trove of chocolate covered pretzels. Oh, the excitement! Oh ...oh ...oh, bummer, not quite as fresh as I had hoped. Synder's makes great pretzels, but these little buggers do not taste fresh. They do use a nice chocolate on the pretzels, so at least you are left with a very pleasant aftertaste. Ben & Jerry pulled off crisp pretzels in Chubby Hubby, so I bet Turkey Hill to could to if they just approached it a little different (unless I got a bum container).

So, I like it, but it could be better. Let me know if you find crisper pretzels than I did.

Healthy Note: Not sure why they do it, but I applaud Turkey Hill for boosting the Calcium and Vitamin D in their cold churned ice creams. The healthy thing is, if you decide to go with cold-churned for dessert, rather than a big glass of milk with dinner, you're still getting your Calcium.

On Second Scoop: As I was scooping, I wound up digging right into the main fudge artery of the whole container. I decided to start off with a pure fudge taste test. This turned out to be a mistake. This fudge is not meant to be eaten on its on. Taste buds confused, I try to wash it down with a bite of just vanilla, but now it tastes bland. Oh well, I think the secret here is to get vanilla, fudge, and a pretzel on in the same bite, because they do a pretty good job of balancing each other out. Occasionally you do get a crunchier pretzel, but I still find most of them to be uncrunchy.

Update: Hi! I just wanted to make something clear. While this ice cream isn't perfect, it does a great job of hitting the spot whenever I go back for more.

Nutrition: 130 / 30 / 1 / 2 (20% Calcium per serving)

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