Sunday, August 24, 2008

Injured in the Line of Duty
Treat of the Week - Minis Mix Part 3

Never ...ever in my life ...have I been injured eating a frozen dessert. Short of biting one's cheek, it's unheard of. Well, we were running out the door because of a last minute change of plans, and I decided to treat myself to a quick Twix mini ice cream bar. It's a choice that I've come to regret. I took a small bite and found the Twix to be quite tasty. It had a more noticeable flavor then the previous minis I tried. Encouraged, I went for a second bite. I discovered what I believe to be frozen caramel chunks. Seems straight forward enough right? Well, it slipped towards my big back teeth, but when I went to bite, it slipped, and my top tooth wound up slamming that rough frozen chard into the gums where my wisdom teeth use to be oh so long ago. I immediately let out an "Owwwww!". I was in disbelief. It's an ice cream treat, it's not suppose to hurt!!!

Now let's be honest, you think I'm exaggerating don't you? It's ok, I'm a very skeptical person. It's was still sore, and I felt a rough patch, so I grabbed a flash light and headed for a mirror. Sure enough, my gum was bleeding!! I'm mean physically cut and bleeding. Who in the Sam Hill decided to put mini daggers in my ice cream bar!!

It's been five hours now and I'm still sore. Even the soft chewy meatloaf we had for dinner was too harsh when hitting the sore spot. Now, hopefully this was some bizarre fluke and everyone else is ok, but if it happens to you, don't say I didn't warn ya!!

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