Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What the frak? 1.5 Quarts!!

I've been on the planet long enough to know that a dollar doesn't but you what it use to. You could buy a loaf of bread, 4 candybars, 2 ice cream sandwiches ...all kinds of things. Think a $1.50 bought you a half gallon of low end Hood ice cream.

Well, it was kind of late when I went to Walmart last night, so at first I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I looked closer. Man, that container of Edy's sure looks short. Oh Man! it is! it's a mere 1.5 quarts! Over $4 for 1.5 quarts, that's just wrong! I went back to the left and started examining Breyer's. Oh no. Some of them are still 1.75 Quarts, but the specialty ones are now down to 1.5 quarts (though both were $2.98).

we may make more and more money, but it always seems to buy us less and less...

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