Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Blue Bunny Soft Cookies & Cream

[New for 2023] I know I'm not the biggest fan of these oddly soft offerings from Blue Bunny, but our daughter was home for a few weeks and while we were at the grocery store, we wound up picking this up so she could give the soft lineup a try. Here goes nothing (except a few dollars!).

Blue Bunny Soft Cookies & Cream
cookies & cream soft frozen dairy dessert

My daughter got to the container before I did :)

Unfortunately I didnt get a ton of feedback from her, but the gist was that it was "fine", though she did mention that she expected it to be softer. I think maybe it had just gotten a little more solid from the basement freezer because it seems pretty soft to me now.

I took a few bites and couldn't really think of anything to say except that this works better than the plain vanilla version (reviewed here). It's not terrible, but I also think I'm just not in the mood for it at this very moment.

Foot note: According to the Blue Bunny website, they are redesigning the labeling on the soft packaging. I haven't seen it yet in person, but when I do, I'll snag a photo.

On Second Scoop: I don't know if I'm in the mood for it right now either, but let's try this again.... man, it's like scooping marshmallow fluff (except that this fluff doesn't stick to the spoon). 

As a cookies & cream flavor, it sure appears to have enough of a cookie factor.... but it's like the cookie wafer factor starts hitting your tastebuds, but then it gets knocked to the side by the oddness of this product. I think that is what I was feeling the other day. There's a moment where you want to like it, but then it starts getting weird as it very quickly melts in your mouth. I wonder if eating a few Oreos beforehand would help lock the flavor in better. Or maybe I could just sprinkle some Oreo wafer crumbs on top....  Alright, it's up to you if you give this one a try.

Verdict?  better than the vanilla version
Buy Again?  unlikely

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  1. Thank you again, it's the anon that was pleasantly surprised by the birthday cake twist - I totally understand the weirdness thing because I really really felt it when I went back for another cake but had to settle on candy bar, where it really had a jarring texture to the point that I couldn't finish it

    Perhaps maybe the oddness only works on certain flavors that the sort of texture would be expected like a marshmallow, or at least that's what I'm choosing to believe right now. As always though the reviews are much appreciated!

  2. I'm still very surprised that packaged soft serve pints work at all. Is this a new thing or am I just forgetting something? Has any company gotten it right?

    1. The only official product I can think of came from Schwans, but not only is that product gone, but apparently Schwans home delivery spun off and doesn't offer any Schwan's branded frozen treats anymore (see

      the klondike shakes are somewhat akin to soft serve, but I know that's not what you meant.

      can anyone else think of something that I missed?

  3. Any time I see "frozen dairy dessert" I avoid the product. I only get "All Natural" ice cream, imo it just tastes better

    1. I avoid it for the most part too, but there's a whole generation of people out there who don't mind it at all. I do these kinds of reviews to try and stay in touch with that.


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