Monday, May 27, 2024

Helados Mexico Churro Cookie Sandwiches

[New for 2024] Now that it's mowing season again, I've been antsy to restock the basement freezer with a few mid-mowing snacks. Bars (on a stick) are fine, but deep down, I always gravitate towards ice cream sandwiches first. I've been keeping my eye out for those girl scout thin mint chipwiches, but then the other day at Market Basket I saw something that is right up my alley.

Helados Mexico Churro Cookie Sandwiches
1) churro ice cream con churro pieces y cinnamon swirl
2) vanilla ice cream con delicious milk chocolate pieces

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the mixing of English with Spanish. It's a neat little marketing touch that I appreciate (#flavorfiesta). Also, please note that the churro version comes as a single serving or in a 4 pack, while the vanilla only comes as a four pack. The ones in the four pack come in a plain white wrapper. Oh, and they were $5.49 a box which isn't bad for a four pack.

So they don't exactly look like the picture on the box...

That said, it's love at first bite! You know I love cinnamon, and this is basically a snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich. The cookies are soft and coated in cinnamon-y sugar goodness. The ice cream isn't perfect, but it's jiving pretty well with these cookies. Mmmmm, trying to eat slower but I can't help but keep eating faster.

I really like this sandwich and my opinion is basically going to be "Go try these!". If I wanted to nitpick, I would point out two things. One, the cookies are a a little dry, but by no means a deal breaker. Two, I would love a bit more texture in this ice cream, but again, not a deal breaker. The second I was done, I wanted another one....

I couldn't stop thinking about the first one, and after a few more hours of yard work had passed, I decided to give the vanilla chocolate chip one a try. While the chips are not real plentiful (at least not in a noticeable form), the chocolate chips definitely add a fun little kick to this treat. That said, I think they should have double downed on the churro ice cream. There's no reason that you couldnt throw chocolate chips in to the churro ice cream that they used in the other sandwich. Sure, you could really have fun some with some caramel chips (or maybe even white chocolate chips?), but I like the chip factor, even if the vanilla ice cream doesn't click as well.

So yeah, I really like these and I'm thinking that these are going to be my regular mowing snack, so I'm gonna need a few more boxes of these. Nice job Helados Mexico, keep up the good work! Oh, and if you need me to plan out your 2025 ice cream sandwich flavors, you know where to find me.

On Second Scoop: Ok, I may have psyched myself up a bit too much before diving back in to the boxes again, but I did still enjoy both of them. I wanted the churro to have the added texture of the chips in it, and then I wanted the chocolate chip version to have way more chocolate chips (something closer to a Chipwich). Anyway, I let my nephew try one and he gave it the thumbs up, so that's good. That leaves me with just one churro and two chip versions. Should I share them or keep them all to myself? Hmmm. Just kidding, I'll buy more!

Verdict?  snickerdoodle!
Buy Again?  YES!

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  1. I bought these a few months ago and loved them as well! I'm not a huge fan of novelties so it means a lot coming from me. I purchased the churro ice cream version. My Shoprite has the thin mint Chipwich, I'm def interested in trying them!

  2. I've tried the Thin Mint Chipwiches and think they're a well-done variation, as is their other new (but less exciting) Double Chocolate flavor. I wish I could find these, though! My ShopRite does have the new Fat Boy cookie sandwiches, also recommended, but one is very cashew forward. Otherwise, my local stores seem to be losing brands, except for Wegmans—but the ones they've started carrying are pricing me out (Have you had the sandwiches by Ruby Jewel? Thelma's? Alden's?).

  3. I'm thrilled to see these are spreading outside the Southwest! I wish they still did their line of pints - they had a horchata flavor I loved. They also did avocado lime ice cream, which was weirdly good.


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