Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Haagen-Dazs New York Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

[New for Early 2024] So I un-jinxed myself, and it was kind of on purpose. I had this weird feeling that if I did a post about not finding anything before our weekend shopping, that maybe I would finally find a bunch of new stuff, and boy did I thanks to my local Shaws Supermarket. While 2024 was strangely quiet for Haagen-Dazs, they are back with 3 new bars (covered in a future post) and two new pints. The first pint is the simple sounding but certainly taste Vanilla Caramel Pecan ice cream, and the other is...

Haagen-Dazs New York Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
cheesecake ice cream with a swirl of strawberry sauce and spiced graham cracker crust pieces

Seal removed...

If I had waited to take this shot, you would have seen even more graham.

Let's be honest, this is Haagen-Dazs and there is basically zero chance of me not liking this flavor. This is more about the particulars of this flavor. Cheese-y? Check! Crust bits? Check! Plenty of strawberry flavor? ...enough strawberry flavor?  ...some strawberry flavor? Check?

So yeah, that would be my only critique. This is a solid, quality flavor, but I would love if there was more strawberry in this pint. If I had to visualize a slice of strawberry cheesecake, there would be a nice healthy topping of strawberries and sauce on top. Something approaching a 50/50 mix on the flavor scale. This pint is more like 20/80 maybe? Iunno, I might tweak that number after I try it again.

That's it! Finally something new from H-D after a one year hiatus. These two new pints are pretty traditional, so I'd love to see a few more pints come out as the year progresses, but we'll see.

On Second Scoop: Yeah, this one still needs more berry flavor, but when I pick up another (faux) pint, I'll also pick up some Tillamook Strawberry ice cream to mix it with. Oh, I should probably also mention that the texture seemed a bit stiffer than usual, but maybe I just got a slightly off pint.

Verdict?  needs more strawberry!
Buy Again?  Sure!

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  1. Great review, thanks. I love me some H-D...

  2. Intrigued as well! But when you say "stiffer"... as in less creamy? Or denser? Or something else? Basically trying to sense whether it's a good or bad thing.

    1. Yeah, less creamy & smooth. I will confirm if it was an off pint once I pick up another one (unless someone else confirms first)

    2. I got a pint today and even before I read this review I noticed that it was less creamy and smooth than normal Haagen Dazs.

  3. H-D used to make this same Flavor in the early 2000’s…It was easily my favorite, I would buy multiple pints whenever I could find them.

    I was excited when I seen this flavor reappear recently, and kinda laughed when I seen that it said “New” on the packaging.

    So I just finished eating some, and honestly, I’m disappointed…Again, this was literally one of my Favs, so I remember exactly how it Originally tasted.

    As a whole it tasted lighter, almost like “light” ice cream. The OG had a thicker consistency, kinda like actual Cheesecake, also it had a MUCH more pronounced Cheesecake flavor. And the cheesecake aroma was way Stronger.

    For 2, these new Graham pieces were like crunchy graham crackers. The OG pieces were like Graham crust, but were not super crunchy, alittle softer if you understand…And also had a slight sweet and salty interplay when you tasted them.

    And last, the Strawberries. This new one is just like Strawberry syrup Spun in there. Not actual strawberries blended down and mixed in with the Ice cream.

    With all of these changes to consider, the End result is a HUGE difference. As you can probably tell,
    I was a big fan lol, and this one does not compare…It’s Sorta average, but OK, considering if you’ve never tasted the OG.

    H-D should of stayed true to the Original, it was Special.

  4. I thought this flavor lacked strawberry flavor AND cheesecake flavor. The cheesecake flavor was just kind of muted. This pint made me really miss the now-discontinued Cheesecake Factory pints. Those were so much better than I expected them to be. Cheesecake flavor galore and plenty of mix-ins.


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