Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Van Leeuwen Cookie Butter Ice Cream

[New for 2024] Are you ready for the first new review of 2024 already? You know how Van Leeuwen loves rotating flavors in and out of Walmart, so yeah, they are first to shelves this year. We've got some returning flavors as well as newbies like Thai Iced Tea, Salted Caramel Truffle, and...

Van Leeuwen Cookie Butter Ice Cream
brown sugar ice cream with
speculoos cookies and cookie butter swirls

I see potential!

Does it look delicious now?

It only took one bite to make me a fan. I won't argue that Van Leeuwen isn't perfect, but when they dial in a flavor, they can be pretty darn good. We've got a lot of sweetness and a lot of flavor, and that's exactly what a cookie butter flavor should be. 

I think I've said this before that it shouldnt be hard to make a decent cookie butter flavor. It shouldn't be hard to turn a delicious thing in to a delicious frozen thing, yet we've seen time and time again where companies miss the mark.

So good flavor, though maybe not exactly cookie butter. The cookie bits are soft and small so they add to the experience rather than distracting from it. The swirl adds some extra flavor and sweetness. This one is firing on all cylinders.

My one minor critique? It could be a little less salty. It's not crazy, but at 9% daily sodium per serving, it might be enough to catch your attention. I think this flavor could easily be as tasty at 5-6% without missing a beat.

So yeah, this one is pretty great. If it hadn't been for the sodium factor, I probably would have inhaled most of the pint because I love cookie butter that much. I'll try to eat slower next time, but no promises.

On Second Scoop: Am I second scooping it at 7am? Yes, yes I am. Do I have regrets? Only that the pint is almost empty. I can see some people wanting bigger cookie chunks, but what we have here is a consistent added cookie texture to every bite.  Ooooo, I just have a thought about there being soft white chocolate chips in the mix here (so as to accentuate the flavor rather than dominate it). Anyway, yeah, I am enjoying this one. I should probably save these last few bites for later.... I should...

Verdict?  delicious
Buy Again?  YES!!

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  1. NEED. I need this.

    Have you tried the Thai Iced Tea flavor? It tastes like spiced brown sugar caramel. It's superb.


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