Thursday, February 23, 2023

Ben & Jerry's Topped Bossin' Cream Pie

[New for early 2023] More Ben & Jerry's? Yup! I love me some new Ben & Jerry's flavors and that will probably never change. Up next we're going to cover one of the two new topped flavors I found at Hannaford. Mousse Pie may have been a bum pint, but this one is not.

Ben & Jerry's Topped Bossin' Cream Pie Ice Cream
vanilla custard ice cream with cake pieces & pastry cream swirls
topped with milk chocolatey ganache & fudge chips

One of those chocolate chips fell off....
I sampled it and it tastes like a Boston cream pie chocolate should taste!

The top is pretty solid, but I have a bit of success digging at the very edges and getting to the ice cream underneath. At first I didn't get many cake pieces, so it was all about the mild flavoring of the vanilla custard ice cream base. I like it, but the Boston cream pie vibe isn't locked in yet...

As you can see from this non-traditional sideways shot, the cake pieces do kick in. Simply put, this one is a worthy upgrade to the old Boston Cream Pie flavor (review here). I liked that flavor, but I could never fall in love with it because the chocolate component was always lacking. 

If you've ever had actual Boston cream pie, that flavorful chocolate coating is what brings everything together. Heck, I can remember sometimes cheating and leaving out the bottom cake layer so that I had a 1 to 1 to 1 ratio (instead of one chocolate to one pudding to two cake layers). There's a certain kick I'm looking for from each component and I believe this ice cream hits those marks way better than the old version. Good times for sure.

So yeah, I really enjoyed this one. My only foolish complaint is that I wish I would have had a little easier time breaking up the chocolate layer.... but only so I could inhale the pint faster. I like this one and I look forward to finishing the pint tomorrow.

On Second Scoop: If you dig in to just the base ice cream where all the cake pieces are kicking in, it's really good. I will say that I think the tasty chocolate coating does overshadow the flavor of the tasty base, but it's still a really nice flavor and a distinct improvement over the old BCP flavor.

Verdict?  A worthy upgrade
Buy Again?  Yup!

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  1. So I liked both the old and new versions but was a little disappointed with the current version.

    The old version had more of a yellow cake batter flavor to the base ice scream itself with swirls of the custard and pieces of cake as well. I thought they nailed the cake flavor and the custard flavor swirls were awesome. However, the chocolate was terribly lacking, as you mentioned. The fudge flakes they added made no sense at all for a Boston Cream Pie ice would have been so much better with a chocolate frosting swirl in addition to the custard/cream swirl.

    This version absolutely nails the chocolate factor and the Topped format is great for Boston Cream Pie. However, I found the yellow cake flavor lacking; there were plenty of the cake pieces in my pint but they just didn't stand up for me to the base or the chocolate.

    If I had my way, I would keep the base ice cream used in the older version with the custard swirls and then add the topped ganache chocolate to it. IMO, that would be the best of both worlds.

  2. I tried to get the original when it was out but by then it had just been discontinued. So I'm really looking forward to this new interpretation. Sadly NYC gets all the new stuff last so I'll be waiting a bit. Glad to hear it's even better than the og tho.

  3. @Anon: great point! I definitely wouldn't mind the base being more flavorful - I said that indirectly in the review, but now I am saying it directly :)

    @Chris: NYC should not be last! :)

  4. Man, i was so looking forward to this flavor. It was a huge letdown for me. I found the chocolate totally overpowered the base flavor, which was quite flavorless. The cake pieces were nice. I wont be buying this flavor again.

  5. Was not a fan of the old BCB flavor….for some reason that and the red velvet cake had a weird chemical type taste to me that was off putting

  6. Finally tried this and wow it was great in terms of accuracy and taste. Though you can't distinguish the pastry swirls from the base, it's such a delicious vanilla cake batter or custard flavor. The cake pieces solidify the cake element, and just the right amount of chocolate to not overpower but compliment the other components. Really good stuff.

  7. Just can't find these in Southern Ohio! Kind of in a vacuum because I'm 2 hours east of Cincinnati and 2 hours south of Columbus lol

  8. I really like Boston Cream Pie, but this one tasted nothing like it. If you like your ice cream over the top sweet, and sugary fudge rather than chocolate, you might be able to eat it. A sugar bomb.

  9. I finally found this flavor yesterday in NJ at Shoprite! I agree with you Dubba, the chocolate topping is so delicious. However, I almost thought the cake layer was too mild. I would've loved to see the chocolate layer on top and bottom of the pint! I enjoyed the cake slices and smoothness of the cream. I never tried the original, but this one was worth the purchase for sure!


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