Saturday, November 19, 2022

Favorite Day Frackas

[New for 2021] Ok, time to give Target's favorite day pints a real rundown, not that half hearted blueberry cheesecake testing I did a few weeks ago. I have moderate hopes that at least one of these pints will be a winner... well, at least decent!

Target's Favorite Day Gourmet Ice Cream

Descriptions (that I don't feel like typing out)!

Should they make promises that they may not be able to keep?

Which would you grab first?

Whoa! Check out the swirl on the S'mores flavor! I take a sniff of S'mores and it's definitely unique. I try a little sampling of that swirl and it's certainly unique, and a bit potent. I take a few quick bites and all I can think about is coconut. I don't know if it's the swirl messing with me or the actual coconut oil that is in some of the mix-ins. I don't love it.

Caramel Brownie Cake Batter next and it's certainly a nice looking flavor, but again, it tastes nothing like I expected. The ice cream isn't super dense, but all these pints have been out of the freezer for several minutes. Ok, I'm several bites in now and if I was blindfolded, I would have no idea what I was eating. I feel like there is a little bit of a lingering brownie vibe, and if I had to guess, it's possible I would say that they are attempting a caramel swirl, but overall, yeah, this one is odd too.

Alright Target, this pint of Brookie Dough is your last chance to win me over. Hmmm, it's not terrible, but I feel like it should be more dense for the calorie content. My other thoughts? Well, I feel like this will be the easiest of the pints to finish. Also, it's making me reminisce about Turkey Hill's old Gertrude Hawk's Box of Chocolate flavor. Finally.... why does this not remind me of brownies or brookies?!

Ok, so that's 3 flavors and not one lined up with the name. I don't taste S'mores, I don't taste Brownies, and I don't taste Brookies. In general, I'd want to compliment Target for at least trying, but 3 strikes and you're out (4 if you include the blueberry one). 

I can't say I recommend trying any of these flavors. Stick with your favorites instead.... technically, these are guaranteed to be my favorite or my money back, so can I return them?

On Second Scoop: I went back to chocolate first ofcourse and it's grown on me, but I want to point out that I finally hit 3 pieces of cookie dough and they don't add anything. On the flipside of that, the brownie bits do help the caramel brownie pint. And the s'mores? Yeah, that one still taste nothing like s'mores... not even a little.

Now, can I tell you my questionable epiphany? I think these remind me of cold stone creamery. Not a direct flavor correlation ofcourse, but just that jumbled nonsense with weird flavors and additives and whatnot (remember, I haven't enjoyed cold stone in a long time). So I'll finish these, but I won't be recommending them either (try them if you want, but don't say I didn't warn you).

Last Note: I added some (quality) strawberry ice cream to the Brookie Dough... now I finally have the winner I was looking for!

Verdict?  disappointing
Buy Again?  unlikely

nutrition stats are fairly similar across the 3 pints
click for nutrition facts and ingredients


  1. These all sound like delicious flavors! How much were they?

  2. I just had the triple chocolate truffle. Every bite was like swallowing ocean water. Way too much salt in a flavor that should have none. Do not buy.


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