Sunday, May 1, 2022

Wicked Kitchen Non-Dairy Ice Cream

[New for 2022] Three weeks ago, the PR team for Wicked Kitchen sent over an email asking if I wanted to partake in the launch event for their new lupini bean based non-dairy lineup. Since I'm not always the best judge of these vegan friendly flavors, I asked my buddy Eric if he would help with reviewing some free samples. His words are after the break.

Wicked Kitchen Non-Dairy Ice Cream

[By Eric] I had the pleasure of taste testing Wicked Kitchen’s plant-based ice cream lineup earlier this week. Where do I begin? It was a feast of a virtual ice cream social, and I learned a lot about the company in the process. I even met some of the chefs that created these masterpieces (and I don’t use the word “masterpiece” lightly). Below are my product reviews for the individual flavors, in order of preference:

Berry White Sticks: This was my favorite Wicked Kitchen sample. It’s a fun and flavorful treat. It’s an ice cream stick with a berry sauce swirl mixed with vanilla ice cream, and then coated in a layer of white chocolate. My girlfriend and I devoured these… Five Stars!  [3 bars per box]

Mint Chocolate Chip (Pint): Mint Chocolate Chip is one of my favorite flavors of all time, for any ice cream, and Wicked Kitchen’s version did not disappoint. The texture of the ice cream was spot on, and so was the flavor. The chocolate chips are generous, which in my book, is always a win.

Cookie Dough (Pint): This is my girlfriend’s favorite. It was well mixed, and the cookie dough bits used are delicious (and, again, generous). They’re able to deliver a real cookie dough flavor without using eggs. Super impressive – the whole pint works well.

Chocolate & Red Berry Cones: The fresh berries and the cone were my favorite part. The Chocolate ice cream was so-so. This would not be my go-to, but I still devoured it happily.

Vanilla (Pint): This one works well enough with other flavors, but on its own, I just wasn’t in love with it. The taste was a little wonky to me.

Wicked Kitchen’s ice cream can be found at over Kroger 2000 locations. I recommend grabbing it if you see it on the shelves of your local market. (Their website is here).

Dubba's allergy note: the other reason I didn't try these is that lupini beans have shown cross reactivity with peanuts, aka if you are allergic to peanuts, you might be allergic to lupini beans too. In fact, these beans are listed as a major allergen in Europe. Please keep that in mind before trying this lineup. Thanks to Eric for reviewing these for me!

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