Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Ben & Jerry's S'mores Cookie Dough Mix

[New for 2022] You all know that I love cookie dough, so let's just dive right in to....

Ben & Jerry's S'mores Cookie Dough Mix
Snackable Graham Cracker Cookie Dough & Marshmallow Truffles

no big bites here!

I take a few bites of just the graham dough and it's... something. I don't know what I envisioned, but I dont think it was this.... it might be growing on me though.

I mix in a marshmallow truffle and it's pretty potent for such a tiny bite. Not sure what they did, but there is a lot of flavor in this tiny truffle. Maybe too much flavor.

The more graham dough I eat, the more it comes across as a little salty. Granted my sodium intake isn't what it was 14 years ago, so keep that in mind.

I'm trying to do different ratios of graham to truffle but those truffle notes are always omnipresent (the marshmallow part that is).

I'm still noshing this, but I don't think I'm in love. I'm thinking this might be better mixed in some vanilla ice cream.

There's also a peanut butter version.

On Second Scoop: As hoped, these are growing on me. I knew what to expect this time so I spent more time trying to enjoy them and less time trying to analyze them. This hearty sized serving was me changing the truffle to graham mix. These definitely pack more flavor than expected. Final thought: how would these taste mixed with either the brownie dough or the chocolate chocolate chip dough?

Verdict?  little potent but grows on you
Buy Again? pretty sure I will

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ncgirl said...

I always end up picking through these varieties to get to the chocolate :)