Sunday, April 10, 2022

Talenti Salted Chocolate Churro Gelato Pairings

[New for 2022] Is 2022 trying to cheer us up with 3 mainstream churro flavors? 

Talenti Salted Chocolate Churro Gelato Pairings #82
pairing of Belgian chocolate gelato and cinnamon gelato
with salted caramel and churros

I like seeing the cinnamon bits on the churro inspired side.

That look fun?

After hitting just a few blondie bits in my last talenti review, I'm happy to hit churro bits on my first scooping of the cinnamon side. They aren't huge, but they are solid enough to be noticed.

Ok, trying the two together now... interesting. Talenti makes a fine Belgian chocolate gelato (it kind of reminds me of what a frosty used to taste like), so the two together is not a bad thing.

I like that they didn't go crazy with the cinnamon. I know we are all different, but I want fun cinnamon, not spicy cinnamon in my frozen treats. 

I think the cool thing with this pairing is that you can use the chocolate side to take things down a notch. Not in terms of flavoring, but in terms of cinnamon. I can vary how much chocolate smoothness I want to go with my cinnamon silliness. 

I give them kudos for this pairing. It feels like this is what they intended when came up with this idea. Granted, there are only 4 flavors and I've now tried three of them, but even if this is the only example of this idea working properly, at least we have this one example that can be used to inspire 2023 flavors. 

Ok, I gotta put the other half of this one away before it disappears.

On Second Scoop: I didn't think I liked this one as much on the second scooping.... and then I finished the pint.... so there's that. I definitely attacked the pint differently today and it led to a different experience. I think the only safe course of action is to buy another pint and see what happens.

Verdict?  interesting
Buy Again?  yup!

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