Saturday, January 22, 2022

Haagen-Dazs Irish Cream Brownie Ice Cream

[New for 2019] Good news for our spirit enjoying friends out there. I was thinking that the Spirits line was dead for 2022 because, well, it tends to not get much love in grocery stores. Well, I was wrong! The more popular flavors are being rolled in to the main HD lineup. The flavors transitioning are bourbon praline pecan, bourbon vanilla bean truffle, rum tres leches and...

Haagen-Dazs Irish Cream Brownie Ice Cream
ice cream blended with whiskey, coffee and cocoa
and mixed with chocolate brownie pieces and chocolaty swirls

little strange looking (could be the alcohol)

better right? that's a busy flavor right there.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I enjoyed this flavor. Granted, I have to take small bites so that the whiskey component doesn't ruin it for me, but yeah, I like this one. Does the whiskey component help cancel out the coffee component and vice versa? I do still technically taste the whiskey part, but the coffee part has totally blended in to the overall flavor.

Way way way back in the day, I tried B&J's Dublin Mudslide and I surprisingly enjoyed that too. I think what made me enjoy that also makes me enjoy this one here. It's like tiramisu. Technically I shouldn't enjoy that either (because coffee), but I love a good tiramisu. 

Now I will mention that I never got a huge brownie vibe at any point. There are brownie crumbs everywhere, but I feel like I never hit a chunk big enough to really effect the flavor. That said, there is still plenty going on. I couldn't resist the urge to take a picture of this clump of chocolate swirl (though, honestly, I'm not even sure they clump greatly effected the overall flavor).

So yeah, I'm ok with this one sticking around. There is part of me that is curious about the other spirit flavors now, but I probably won't risk it unless there is a huge sale.

On Second Scoop: I accidentally took too big of a bite, but after I went back to smaller bites, I was happy again. I don't know if  I would ever crave this one, but man, if I had some fresh brownies and hot fudge right now, I would devouring a very tasty sundae right now.

Verdict?  surprisingly good
Buy Again?  not my style

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  1. Hmm. I see their new 2022 line-up includes another booze-less coffee chocolate brownie flavor. I wonder how different that's going to be...

  2. Is there actually alcohol in it or is it flavoring?

  3. Sadly, I see they introduced some more ‘spirit’ flavors in the UK that sound awesome.

  4. Very solid. Wish they would bring back Peanut Butter Pie...............

  5. @Unknown: It's not much, but if you look at the ingredients, it's actual whiskey


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