Sunday, December 26, 2021

Hannaford Cinnamon Swirl Apple Pie Ice Cream

[New for 2021?] During a rogue trip to Hannaford, I spotted something that I hadn't seen before. Admittedly, I was a little hesitant to purchase it because I've been disappointed by apple flavors before, I but I decided to give in and buy....

Hannaford Cinnamon Swirl Apple Pie Ice Cream
apple pie ice cream with cinnamon swirl

little specks everywhere to let you know something is up

It's probably hard to tell, but it's a fairly busy flavor

On that first bite, there was an unexpected pop from the cinnamon apple flavoring. In fact, I thought it might have some cinnamon bite based on that first bite. I kept going and really started to appreciate the flavor. There are moments where you might think there is a delicious and chilly bit of apple pie in your ice cream

The crust bits aren't super flavorful, but there abundance provides a great balance to the distinct but not overpowering flavor. Plus, they are the same color as the base, so you can't just easily look to see where they are. Instead, you'll be hitting them with your spoon and adjusting to a good ice cream to crust ratio on your spoon.

It was delicious, it really was. I am extremely impressed by this flavor. In fact, I would say it's more impressive than there s'mores flavor which was good, but not as unique and satisfying as this one. In fact, I felt like I had a whole bowl's worth of ice cream despite eating (third?) of the pint. it was good times.

On Second Scoop: I don't tend to crave fruity flavors, especially apple flavors, but if the mood hit, I'd be more than happy to have this one in the freezer. They did a really nice job here

Note: The ice cream has a Maine plant code on it. The question is, who's making it?

Verdict?  well done apple pie flavor
Buy Again?  sure!

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AmyJ said...

I got to try this over the holidays and was as pleasantly surprised as you! A truly sophisticated, delightful flavor -- hitting well above its price and calorie-point. I would totally buy this again (and I too do not generally go for fruity flavors).