Sunday, September 19, 2021

Walmart Great Value Biscuits & Jam Ice Cream

[New for 2021] Walmart ice cream is nothing new, but we are getting a new form factor. There are the regular flavors in the standard branded pints, but then there are also seven fancier flavors in black pints (a throw back to the "Sam's Choice" lineup? example review here). Will these products be interesting? 

Walmart Great Value Biscuits & Jam Ice Cream
sweet cream ice cream with southern style biscuit pieces and blueberry jam

Here are the other 6 flavors: Chocolate Brownie, Double Vanilla, Skillet Banana Caramel, Bourbon Brown Butter Caramel, Coffee Toffee Crunch, and Pecan Pie.

Nothing to write home about yet.

Early scoop shot.

(unbroken) Biscuit Shot!

I took that first scoop shot not knowing that I was about to run in to a giant biscuit... a biscuit that I ate whole of course. The biscuits are hard, not soft, and actually came across a little bit salty when I ate the giant one.

The base ice cream is decent. Whenever they mix a sweet cream base with a fruity swirl, I can't help but think it tastes a little cheesy. Not heavily, but the thought is there. Swirl is definitely flavorful without being too strong or offputting.

Am I enjoying it? Well, it's not really my jam.... ha, sorry, couldn't resist. I appreciate the creativity here, but it's just not a flavoring that I usually gravitate towards. 

This isn't a bad ice cream. It's certainly not as dense as Ben & Jerry's or Haagen-Dazs, instead it basically reminds me of older Blue Bunny Ice Cream (say 10+ years ago). I would definitely pick this up if the flavor combo has your interest.

On Second Scoop: tomorrow maybe

Verdict?  mainstream ice cream in pint form factor
Buy Again?  maybe one of the other flavors

Allergen Note: Cross contamination warning
click for some nutrition facts and ingredients


Kotoko said...

590 cal? Is the base airy at all?

Dubba Scoops said...

It's definitely not dense, but it's also not super airy.

Rosebud said...

Please try the skillet banana next, I'm curious to see if it has a banana's foster vibe....

SnackForagers said...

What tipped you off that it is Wells/Blue Bunny?

Rabbit Girl said...

when you comment on blue bunny from 10 years ago, is that better or worse than their current quality?

May said...

My question is really along the same lines, because the label is throwing me off! Usually I can mentalize the density from the serving size weight (like B&J's hover around 13-140g), but this says 160mL, and while mL's and grams are supposed to convert 1:1, I'm doubtful it's heavier than B&J's! How does it compare to Target's old Market Pantry line? Denser than that?

Dubba Scoops said...

@Rosebud: Banana isn't really my thing (not even at $3)

@Snackforagers: I used the force... also the way the nutrition label is written... also the plant number on the bottom ("strangely" enough, my local walmart's don't really carry blue bunny directly anymore.). Wells has a weird way of disclaiming all the nuts that their products can be cross contaminated with. No one else does it that specific way.

@RG: Blue Bunny was much better ten years ago, I used to look forward to all their new stuff :)

@May: I tend to think of it in terms of calories. B&J's is around 1000 calories per pint, this is about 600, so that's a lot less. I also think of it the old school way sometimes too. about 150 calories for a half cup serving would put this on the lighter end of mainstream ice cream territory (or in other words, yeah, in the same ballpark as the market pantry stuff)

SnackForagers said...

@Dubba that's interesting. I know they had been working with another company on the 1/2 gallons so I thought it might have been them. I still think it might be but your reasoning makes sense.

@May I think these are a little more dense than the standard MP flavors. It's more along the lines of the MP Pumpkin Cheesecake and Apple crisp which were higher cal in the 200 range where the standard flavors were below that.

Jaztastic said...

This product is FAR superior to Targets private brand. Wells did not produce this product line. Walmart chose a super premium manufacturer High Road Craft brands out of ATL.

Jaztastic said...

This is NOT MADE BY WELLS!!!!!! They make the cheaper product with blue lids. Anything with a black lid is premium and made by High Road Craft Brands out of ATL!!!!!

May said...

I had some hope when you mentioned Wells, since they did some of 7-Eleven's quite enjoyable ice cream line, but you lost me at Market Pantry!

Dubba Scoops said...

Well, I stand corrected. I should have doublechecked before commenting: plant 13-461 is indeed High Road Craft ice cream. That said, Jaztastic, do you work for high road craft? you seem awfully frustrated. I guess that's why it doesn't taste like the 7-Eleven pints.

If I wanted to be cranky, I could point out that high road was behind those mix-in-less pints of BLVD Tasty Ice Cream pints at whole foods, but I won't, instead I'll just use the defense that I've put in way too much overtime in the last two weeks and will blame that for not doublechecking my facts. sorry everybody!

P.S. I don't know that I would call this "FAR superior".... see, there I go getting cranky again.... maybe the other flavors are more impressive.