Sunday, July 4, 2021

Turkey Hill Chocolate Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

[New for 2021] Now that we've sampled something from the other Turkey Hill treat offerings, let's finally dive in to their new ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Turkey Hill Chocolate Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
chocolate ice cream between two soft & chewy double chocolate chip cookies

somewhat labeled

Looks decent right?

I bite in and the filling is a bit.... lackluster. The cookies are ok. I would say a bit thin. Not sure if they strike me as "soft & chewy", but they certainly aren't hard and crunchy.

Yeah, really not likely the filling. It tastes cheap. I wish the store had the version with the vanilla ice cream in the middle because I'm thinking/hoping it's a less jarring experience.

On Second Scoop: I had two of these now, and even though they aren't bad, I still can't get over the filling. It's just so in your face but also meh. It certainly doesn't taste like "premium chocolate ice cream". I know I can be a little picky, but these should really be better than they are. Even if the cookies were great, I still wouldn't be able to get over the filling.

Foot note: did you ever try Turkey Hill Decadent Delights? I only saw four of them at Wegman's so I never realized that there were 2 trio'politan versions.... I bring this up because it would have been funny to see a trio'politan ice cream sandwich!

Verdict?  disappointing filling
Buy Again?  nah


May said...

I tried the peanut butter version, so excited for it, but came away with the same disappointment. I don't even want to try another flavor. The cookies felt stale, and the middle was bland fluff. It didn't feel "premium" like their tubs or sundae cups. Also, I couldn't totally tell from your images, but in my package, every one of the wrappers had tiny little nicks in them, so I don't know if the minor air exposure ruined the textures of the product. Boo-hiss to quality control.

Dubba Scoops said...

It's not obvious, but yeah, my packages have tiny marks/nicks in them too (you can see one almost dead center of the wrapper picture)

Paddington said...

Man, the conventional grocery store ice cream aisle is getting me down. Time to drive to the Whole Foods if I want something different.

Rabbit Girl said...

Hey Dubba,
I had been eating Nick's ice cream for its high calcium content, however they are changing their formula to lower carbs to copy Rebel and Enlighten's success with their keto lines. This means no dry milk powder. I was getting 40% RDA per pint. Any lite ice creams out there you know of that rival that percentage? (the new formula of nicks will have a paltry 20%)

Dubba Scoops said...

Sorry, I got nothing :(

Rabbit Girl said...

damn---after 3 years being fracture free i started breaking again, 4 in 2 months, and i honestly feel its cause of the changes to my ice cream consumption in the past year due to companies cutting back calcium content to meet certain demographic's demands, whether it be keto or non-dairy or just altering consistency. I take calcium citrate but dairy calcium is the most easily absorbed.

Rabbit Girl said...

note-- that I COULD just drink milk or eat yogurt, but i don't like either, so i'm just being whiny.