Sunday, July 18, 2021

"Compare to Ben & Jerry's"

So I ran in to Hannaford last week and as I'm scanning for new stuff, I see these eye catching Hannaford pints. I don't remember Hannaford (aka Food Lion) having pints before, but on the edge of the shelf underneath each one it says "Compare to Ben & Jerry's" and then goes on to point out that these are only $2.69 a pint.

Hannaford Ice Cream
Toasted S'mores - Caramel Cone - Brookie Dough

Seal removed, this is what we've got. The brookie dough is not inspiring any confidence in that flavor. Now I can't find a plant number on these pints, so I'm not sure where they came from. Now technically the people that own Hannaford also own Stop & Shop (GIANT), and they had a line of pint flavors too, but that was way back in 2014 and that was a different flavor line up. (you can see the review here)

How do they look? Strangely enough, I inadvertently ate these from best to worst.

Toasted S'mores: It's not a super strong flavor, but it's fun and unique and gets a bit of a kick from the dark chocolate chips. Sure, I personally can always go for more graham flavor, but I like this one. --- As I dig down, we'll see if I hit an actual graham swirl or if the graham bits continue to be spread out everywhere.

Caramel Cone: again, not a lot of flavor coming from the base caramel ice cream (let's be honest, it looks like vanilla ice cream). It's bare minimum flavor really, but there are a ton of chocolate coated waffle cone bits to start, and when is that not fun?

Brookie Dough: you would think this should be fun.... but it's not. In fact, it's down right weird. The chocolate and vanilla ice creams have completely blended together and the end result is not fun. The cookie dough bits are nothing to right home about and I haven't even found the brownie bits yet. This one is disappointing and I can pretty much guarantee that it will get finished last.

On Second Scoop: I already went back to the s'mores and had a hard time not finishing the pint. This is definitely a toasted flavor and not a graham centric flavor, but it works really well. Also, I forgot to mention that these aren't as dense as Ben & Jerry's pints ofcourse (240-ish vs 310-ish in terms of calorie count).... I bet s'mores would taste great in a waffle cone.

Today was time for caramel cone again and maybe they should have just called it waffle cone or chocolate covered cone because the caramel flavoring is barely there. This one could definitely have used a caramel swirl. Also, do those waffle cone pieces look familiar? (maybe like the ones from Target? see them here). This one isn't bad, but it could be better!

Verdict?  s'mores was fun
Buy Again?  the s'mores one

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  1. Dubba, do you have recommendations for waffle cones/bowls. Looking for one that looks as good as the picture on the box and can withstand 3 scoops. Aesthetics>taste, it is for drawing reference. I think the cone would be better but don't know if it can handle 3 scoops (i know SOME can, but not sure if they sell those in supermarkets or if you can just find those on institutional levels).

  2. The strawberry cheesecake is incredible beats all others! Sadly the Hannaford in my town claims they will no longer sell ice cream pints! Such heartbreaking. They sold out constantly they never stayed in stock. I can't imagine why they stopped selling them.

  3. Weird! I'll keep an eye on my store just to be safe.


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