Thursday, November 12, 2020

Graeter's S'mores Ice Cream

I think I've mentioned that Wegman's has double the Graeter's selection that my Price Chopper does, so you knew I had to grab a least one pint during my recent Wegman's run.

Graeter's S'mores Ice Cream
graham cracker flavored ice cream with marshmallows and chocolate chips

Ok, this photo didn't turn out so well..., is that a little freezerburn?

Well, I bet you weren't expecting that many mini marshmallows!
(and do you see how poofy they look?!)

mmm, so much graham flavor! and you know I love graham flavor! It's often imitated, and rarely duplicated, but they did a mighty fine job here. This might be the closest that I've come to true graham flavored base (though I might need to check the records to find other contenders)

The chocolate is a nice milk chocolate and how I wish there was more of it. I kind of expected those traditional giant Graeters chocolate chunks but they never showed up (there were one or two larger chunks, but nothing humongous like you usually find). That said, it's probably best that the small chocolate bits were spread around because they make this flavor that much better. The chocolate vs graham s'mores magic happens when it kicks in and it's quite enjoyable.

If I had to stretch really hard for a complaint, I would say that the texture seems a just a smidge off. I expected Graeters texture to be a little extra special, but I know they have tweaked their formulas in recent years. This is still an excellent pint and worth the pick up. If the chance arises, I'll definitely pick up another pint.

On Second Scoop: I'm still surprised that I like the mini marshmallow, but maybe it's because they arent your typical mini marshmallow. They are good sized, poofy, sweet, and add a nice texture balance to this treat. Because there is no gritty graham component, there is no ice cream vs graham bits to enjoy. That said, the squishy marshmallow vs ice cream contrast gives a similar textural contrast that makes this pint that much more fun.

Verdict?  graham-y goodness!
Buy Again?  yup!

(whoops, forgot to photo the nutrition label)


Danielle said...

Reminds me of Giffords Smores. I loved that flavor because of the graham grit and huge choc chunks. Sadly, they discontinued that brand in my NJ ShopRite, hbu Dubba?

Sophia said...

I personally think Graeter's is a bit overrated, but I will have to hunt this down. My favorite flavor combo and it's gluten free? I'm in.

Dubba Scoops said...

@D: Yeah it was good!

@Sophia: When did you start trying graeter's? They are still good but aren't what they were ten years ago unfortunately. They used to make my favorite vanilla.

Kotoko said...

Handel's Graham Central Station is also a very delicious graham cracker ice cream. A shop finally opened in Flower Mound and I just been going there for my ice cream urge.

Sophia said...

Dubba, I grew up in NE Ohio, but didn't have Graeter's until ~2002 when I moved to Central Ohio. It's good ice cream, I just don't think it is THAT good. Maybe I just really like the Handel's Ice Cream I grew up with :)

Dubba Scoops said...

Ahhhh, cool, thanks for the context!

Amanda said...

I wish I had easier access to Graeter's or even your Wegmen's selection, but the rate that my state is going in terms of the pandemic. I would be better off putting my money towards an underground bunker and finding an UberEats to deep-tunnel his/her way to my hideout. I thought of you when I came across this article, Dubba, (and please don't think I am pushing anything political based on the website). You are such a connoisseur of ice cream production, so I thought it might interest you:

Sidenote: that lime-oreo-ice cream carousel construction was spectacular!

Dubba Scoops said...

Nice to see confirmation of what we technically already knew: ice cream sales are way up! the downside being it's so hard to find decent ice cream right now. My local walmart always seems to be at about 25% stocked and my local grocery stores arent super adventurous with what they order.

p.s. I get offended by unilever talking about how much they love the ice cream business considering how often they downgrade ice cream to frozen dairy dessert. BOOOO!!!

Rabbit Girl said...

@dubba and amanda Is the delivery system proposed here the traditional dry ice or are they proposing truck delivery direct to home. The article seemed very vague.

Dubba Scoops said...

not sure, I cant imagine them doing dry ice as low fat products have a lot of trouble with that in my experience. might have to wait and see.

Rebecca said...

This is my household's favorite ice cream. I've tried a couple S'mores flavors, and I think this is my favorite.