Sunday, September 20, 2020

Price Chopper Cold Brew Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Who's ready for a one scoop review?

Price Chopper Cold Brew Cookie Dough Ice Cream
coffee ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough and coffee flakes

It has the (slight) freezerburned look of a non-premium ice cream.

That's a decent looking ice cream!

And the one scoop review: Boy this packs a lot of bitter coffee flavor! Not literal tart bitterness, but that bite you attribute to a strong black coffee with nothing else mixed in. One bite is sufficient... technically it's probably more like three tiny bites because I had to get those two cookie dough bites out of there. 

I like the cleverness here, it was enough to make me part with a few bucks yesterday just so that I could show it to everyone. That said, this is going to target a very specific subset of people and doesn't have that broader appeal that I like to see in the more unique flavors. I'm not saying coffee people won't like it, I'm saying it's a risk for the rest of us.

If I made it, I would cut the coffee flavor with something sweet so that the cookie dough could shine more. As is, I got the texture from it but not the flavor. Also, maybe not go with traditional cookie dough here and go with something cinnamon based or maybe even more creative than that (feel free to make a suggestion in the comments).

I have no idea what I'm going to do with the rest of this pint... experiment I guess!

On Second Scoop: do I have too?

Verdict?  so very not my style
Buy Again?  ofcourse not

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