Thursday, October 10, 2019

Tasty Strawberry Pretzel Cheesecake Crunch

[New for Fall 2019] Tasty Ice Cream.... the fairly unloved offspring of Buzzfeed. What can I say about it? Well, one, no one came to their defense on my instagram page, but could it really be that bad? Will I feel gipped after paying $4.99 for just 14 oz of ice cream? Let's find out!

Tasty Strawberry Pretzel Cheesecake Crunch Ice Cream
cheesecake ice cream with strawberry swirls,
strawberry flavoring coating pretzels, and a graham cracker swirl

So this is one of four new flavors. My Target also had the new quadruple chocolate truffle cone flavor. The missing two are caramel nut cookie dough and rainbow sprinkle sugar cookie.

I crack open the pint and find a whole lot of graham bits and I do dig graham. I take my first few bites and it's not bad. The base isn't super impressive, but I am getting a ton of graham flavor to start (though not a whole lot of other flavorings).

The lighting isn't great, but hopefully you can see that the graham seems to have floated to the top. Thankfully there is still some on the sides to keep the graham train rolling. Now you would think the cheesecake flavoring would take over now right? Nope, not so much. It's weird, but only on occasional to a get a real hit of cheesy flavoring.

The un-photogenic strawberry flavoring coated pretzels are the second biggest factor here. The coating doesn't provide a ton  of strawberry kick, but there a bit of sweetness kicking around. The pretzels aren't consistently crunchy by any means, but they were fairly plentiful through the first half of the faux pint.

Overall, it wasn't a terrible experience. The base ice cream seems underwhelming, but there are a lot of unique things trying to distract me here. Honestly, I enjoyed my afternoon snack. I'm a sucker for this fairly unique combo and I'm curious to see how the second scooping goes.

Note: Ahhhh, Dreyer's (Edy's) makes this ice cream, that explains the lower quality to the base.

On Second Scoop: This one is flawed, but I still like it. The base needs work, the strawberry factor needs to be amped up considerably, and the pretzels could be crunchier, but it's still dumb fun. I blame the graham. It has a way of fixing things.

Verdict?  dumb fun
Buy Again?  maybe

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Anonymous said...

This brand of ice cream is ok, not the greatest. For the same price ($5.00) I can get Haagen Daz, Graeters or Ben & Jerry's. If it was a couple of bucks cheaper it would be worth it.