Monday, September 16, 2019

DQ Cinnamon Roll Shake

[New for early Fall 2019] You know, I've reviewed a lot of shakes for this blog. In all I've reviewed some 123 drink like products and I can honestly say that this one has jumped near the top of the list for me. I adore cinnamon and I could not stop drinking...

DQ Cinnamon Roll Shake

Yes, it's just that good. Like stupid good. Like I can't control myself good and I want to go back and get another right now good.

Yes, I was skeptical at first. When I saw CT pick one up first, I asked him if it was a sweet cinnamon flavor or a spicy one. See, I've been tricked before and I didn't want to get my hopes up. Well, he said it was sweet and I knew it was safe to put on the to-drink list.

Well, after finding out my almost 5 year old car needs $1500 worth of work (which will hopefully be covered by my extended warranty), I knew I needed a treat to reset the day. I headed to DQ, ordered a burger and shake, took some pictures, took a sip and...

Heaven, cinnamonny Heaven. Ahhhh, so good. No, this isn't some high end scoop shop shake, but I don't care. There is just so much delicious cinnamon flavor here. I tried to force myself to slow down but I couldn't. I needed more, more, more!

If you are even remotely interested in this shake, you need to try it. So good. Maybe we'll head back tomorrow as a family so I can have an excuse to try it again.

On Second Scoop: Ya know, I joked about going back, but it happened, and I have two notes. One, I don't remember little crunchy bits being in the shake yesterday. Two, it was a little over-spiced today. Not by a ton, but the server was definitely a little heavy handed. I didn't get whipped cream today but I did yesterday, so maybe that made a small difference. That said, I drank this shake faster and faster and I can't wait to have #3... and #4.... and #5....

Verdict?  Excellent!
Buy Again?  Yes!!


Sascha said...

Yes, the little, crunchy sugar crystal type bits really set this over the top. It is supposed to be a cinnamon roll shake after all, not just a cinnamon shake, and I think DQ NAILED it. I liked the cake shakes they had as well, but this is way better.

Unknown said...

Maybe some icing swirls would had been better