Monday, July 8, 2019

Wilcox's Premium Ice Cream

Have you ever had Wilcox ice cream? Well, unless you live in Vermont, probably not. According to the label, the Wilcow family has been making ice cream since 1928 with a simple recipe using Vermont milk. (more info on their website). Anyway, we were in Vermont and you all know I love checking out the local freezer aisle. I didn't want to leave empty handed so...

Wilcox Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

The Hannaford we were at had pints and quarts available. Pint was $3.49 and the quarts may have been $6.69. Technically Graham Cracker Crunch was the most tempting offering I saw, but our hotel room didn't have a freezer so I went with a pint instead.

No nutritional info so it's hard to judge who their competition is, but the pint is not that heavy. I checked the incomplete nutrition info on their website and I would guess they are a bit above current mainstream offering (Edy's, Breyers, Friendlys, etc) but below premium offerings like Ben & Jerry's and Haagen-Dazs.

Well, what do you think? Looks decent enough. I dig in and it breaks apart more than it scoops (keep in mind maybe I got a non-optimum pint). I dig in and it tastes like whipped cream more than anything else. They must whip a ton of air in to this product to keep the price low. I've never really been a fan of an ice cream set up like this.

Cookie flavoring is ok, nothing great. It's there but not overwhelming. It could have used more chunks as well, but it had a few at least

Overall, it feels like a budget ice cream. It's not necessarily bad, and it's cool if you dig that whipped cream vibe, but this will never be mistaken as the other Vermont premium brand. Wow, geez, now I feel like a jerk for picking on something that generations have grown up on.

Look, it's fine for what it is, a low cost, local treat, it's just not something to write home about (unless you're a food blogger).

Verdict?  whipped cream
Buy (this brand) Again?  I would try a few more flavors


Anonymous said...

oWo, sad review. That said, I like whipped cream when I expect whipped cream. I would still try this brand if I ever had easy access to it. And I guess they are still in stores, so they hopefully won't shutter from one review.

Gaham and cheesecake sound up my alley.

Dubba Scoops said...

um, yeah, don't think this review will be the final nail in the coffin. they occupied more space than other local options and they have been around a long time, so they'll be fine. I didn't love it, but I'd still try a few more flavors. You can get an idea about a company from one pint, but it's always best to try a few pints (preferably from different stores to make sure you are getting decent stock and not a damaged pint)

i scream for ice cream said...

Sadly they even use guar gum and carageean too.
I got the initial impression that they were the Breyers that disappeared when Unilever ruined them.

ibagoalie said...

I'm a visual person, so I wouldn't give these even a second glance. I get that they are a small family operation, but making every pint look the same is not a good marketing strategy.

Dubba Scoops said...

I'm ok with it as long as it has at least a bit of catch to it, which I think this more modern design does. I actually like it, despite the simplicity. Sure it could be better, but it's a start :)