Saturday, July 20, 2019

Super Saturday Showdown
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Yes, it's time to have a showdown, but not just any showdown, a super Saturday showdown with one of my very favorite frozen things: cookie ice cream sandwiches... or is it ice cream cookie sandwiches? I don't care what you call them, they are delicious. Even a budget version can hit the spot. Now we've versions come and go over the years, but let's see what we can dig up for this competition. We've got a high end Coolhaus option. In the middle, we have a local brand, Bryne Dairy. Representing the more budget friendly options, we have the new Tollhouse option. Which will be my favorite? Let's find out.

Coolhaus vs Tollhouse vs Bryne Dairy

Which one would you pick up first? Bryne Dairy and Coolhaus are neck and neck with Bryne bigger a physically bigger cookie while Coolhaus rocked a thicker filling that's filled with flecks of vanilla bean. (None of these competitors are rolled in chocolate chips)

Look, i'd have to be crazy to say that the coolhaus sandwich isn't a top notch product. The cookies are the perfect texture and you get a nice thick dose of ice cream in the middle. That clearly stated, I will make two small points. One, my favorite part is the edge because you get a little bit extra of that delicious cookie flavoring in your bite. The cookie is the best part of an ice cream cookie sandwich and I want to be thinking about cookies a little bit more than ice cream. Two, I think there is a little bit of lingering flavoring from the filling. I'm not really a huge fan of their ice cream texture and I feel like it's lingering.

Who win's the cost battle? Bryne Dairy of course. A box of six of their gigantic ice cream sandwiches is only $6.99. That's a steal at that price point! Sure the tollhouse option is cheap, but you can taste it. Coolhaus is an excellent product, but it's so expensive here on the east coast. I've only once worked up the nerve to buy one of their sandwiches at full price. Thankfully for this three-way showdown, I picked the their sandwich up for "just" $2.99. That's still a pretty hefty price, but I could justify it on occasion in pursuit of trying all of their fun flavor combos.

And the winner is?
It's probably pretty obvious that I'm going to pick Bryne Dairy as the winner. Sure, if cost is no object, you would grab a unique coolhaus combo, but as a regular purchase, you go Bryne. I don't know if they'll make it my way, but Bryne all has mint and black raspberry versions with chocolate cookies. Hope I find them someday!

Does that mean tollhouse is the loser? Not completely, they are budget friendly and they also come in a chocolate version. If you offered me one, I'd eat it!

And just when you think it's over...

Good Humor Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dessert Sandwiches...

Actually, I bought these in February and I ate them but don't really remember them. Good Humor is typically "budget" quality and the fact I don't remember them makes me think they were pretty meh/cheap. (Bryne Dairy is great and I certainly remember them). These? I think they were ok? At least they have chips on the side like a real Chipwich!

and for the record....

I currently have the Klondike version in my freezer.


hookandlateral said...

The real question is how these compare to IMO the GOAT M&M ice cream sandwiches.

Dubba Scoops said...

I'm more of a classic chocolate chip kind of guy. I would love to see a full blown M&M sandwich with giant cookies and full size M&Ms (and maybe filled with an ice cream that's filled with mini M&M's).