Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Cold Stone Creamery One Smart Brookie

[New for 2019] Why yes, we are doing back to back Brookie posts! See, another too quick weekend was coming to a close and my wife wanted to use her Cold Stone coupon. I use to cover their cakes and cupcakes back in the day, but I just don't seem to crave their ice cream anymore.... but who am I to argue with a BOGO coupon.

Cold Stone Creamery One Smart Brookie Ice Cream
cookie dough ice cream with cookie dough and brownie dough

I should have told the server that the picture was for social media....

Anyway, it's certainly chuck full of stuff so it's hard to argue with that part of it. Tons of cookie dough and brownie dough? That's an easy win right?

Yeah, if you like cold stone in general, you should like this, I'm not arguing that. I just don't love their base ice cream anymore. I'm not a fan of the texture or just this odd sweetness that was coming from the base. I wanted a complex flavored base. There's more to cookie dough that sugar. Oh well, I'm being picky and I know it.

If you want this, go for it. I won't stand in your way.

Verdict?  sweet and busy
Buy Again?  (nah)


Anne Sutton said...

I have several comments. The first is that I agree with you about Cold Stone Creamery in general. When it first came out, I loved it. Maybe it was the novelty of the cold stone concept. Then Maggie Moo's came out, and I found I preferred it more. However, our local Maggie Moo's went out of business. Then I noted the same thing you mentioned - quality of Cold Stone product. I felt the ice cream has been very gummy in texture. I also agree that it seems too sweet. My next comments are related to Brookie Ice cream. When I think of brookie, I think of a baked product combining a brownie and cookie. I don't think of brownie and cookie dough. This was the same argument I had with DQ's Cookie jar blizzard. I was expecting cooked pieces of dessert and not dough. So is Cold Stone using dough? It is likely just my preference, but I want the cooked pieces and not the gritty dough all the time.

Dubba Scoops said...

that's a great question. I should have mentioned they are final product, not "dough"

(personally i'm fine with it either way)

Anne Sutton said...

Somewhat related to this topic...the Blue Bell cookie cake ice cream is really good. That is a perfect example of the way I like my cookies incorporated into ice cream. It was chock full of baked cookie pieces. Really delicious!