Saturday, May 11, 2019

Talenti Mint Fudge Cookie Gelato Layers

[New for 2019] Time for layered review #5, woohoo! At this point, it should be pretty obvious that I'm a sucker for this gimmick. Yes, you are going to pay a dollar more than for a regular pint of Talenti, and yes, you don't get as much, but come on, #FunFactor people.

Talenti Mint Fudge Cookie Gelato Layers
mint gelato - chocolatey cookies - "hot" fudge
mint gelato - chocolate cookie pieces

Not sure why I keep taking this shot for these, force of habit I guess.

Now, the temperature is now 30+ degrees more than it was a few days ago, and well, it's a little weird being back to quick melting ice cream (gelato) mode.... I say that because this happened.

I forgot to take a picture of the bottom (so you can see all the tasty bits), so when I went to take it after the pint being out for several minutes, well, it started to slide out of the container. Me being me, I decided to grab a plate and see if the whole thing would slide out. It did! What do you think? Cool looking.

Now that the gelato is well tempered, it's pretty soft. I stand by my point in the other reviews that this gelato is definitely not the same as their regular gelato. It's definitely lighter, as well as more stiff when first pulled from the freezer.

Overall flavor is good ofcourse, not a whole lot not to love here. I mean, technically Nick used to knock that butter mint flavoring, but I continue to be a fan. With the fudge sauce and crunchies mixed in, it's hard for me not to enjoy it.

Since I do enjoy a good minty pint, this one will rank fairly high of the layered list. Who else has had it?

On Second Scoop: I like this one, plain and simple. I think I would like a bit more fudge sauce since they doubled up on the mint gelato layer, but it's still enjoyable for us mint fans. The fact you get ice cream cake like crunchies in the middle and then bigger crunchies at the bottom is.... amusing (sorry, brain short circuited in the middle of my thought process). Give this one a try if you like minty things.

Verdict?  good!
Buy Again?  yup

Allergy Note: may contain peanuts and tree nuts


Anne Sutton said...

I've had this one and loved it as well! My kids really think the layers are fun too. It's definitely better once you let it temper.

As an aside, I picked up a new flavor from Blue Bell called Party Cake at Wal-mart this weekend. Also, a first for my wal-mart is that they are selling Friendly's ice cream now. They had a new flavor out called summer something I can't recall because I'm at work and it's in my freezer. But it looks good!

Danielle said...

Because of your recommendation I tried the cherry cheesecake layer flavor and loved it! This one is def next on my list. I bought a plain Talenti flavor and realized it doesn't taste nearly as good as it used to. I suppose it's from them being bought out ��

ibagoalie said...

Too much mint and I was hoping for more of a GS Thin Mint vibe. Maybe replace one mint layer with chocolate?

Alek said...

I hope they do expand the layers line. I can think of other fun flavors like birthday cake (cake batter ice cream, cake crumbles, sprinkles, frosting) and peppermint bark (peppermint ice cream, peppermint bark pieces, peppermint candies, and chocolate crunch)

Sascha said...

On my phone it looks like your description was "hot fudge mint gelato", which sounded insane.

Still, speaking of the fudge, I have high hopes. Have you ever had a DQ Buster Bar? I only ask because of the peanut allergy in your house. But the cold hot fudge makes those bars irresistible. Is the Talenti fudge of similar quality?

Danielle said...

Anne, I was at Shoprite this morning and found the new Friendlys flavor Summer Breeze. I immediately thought of you and your post!

Anonymous said...

There was something about the flavor of the mint that I did not love - which is strange, because I love mint. I think I liked the cheesecake flavor the best out of the layers line.

Anonymous said...

I just went back and read your review for the Mediterranean Mint Talenti flavor and was curious how you thought the mint in this one tasted in comparison to that? It seems you weren't fond of that one and I've never had the Mediterranean Mint but I wanted to try this because of the fudge and layers but I'm a bit skeptical now thinking it might taste like grass or too much of mint leaves lol

Dubba Scoops said...

That was actually my sidekick Nick who doesn't like Talenti's take on mint, I personally love it (as it reminds me of these candies my grandmother use to make). The gelato in these layer flavors isn't as good as their regular stuff, but the overall balance here is still fun (aka I wouldn't worry too much about it)