Thursday, March 7, 2019

Turkey Hill Coffee Cake Trio'politan

[New for 2019] Hey, I found Trio #2 already! I expected to run in to the other one again but Market Basket tricked me and put a different Trio out instead. I am ok with this since it's kind of the one I was most interested in, especially after reading the description and verifying that it's trying to be coffee cake and not coffee (hey, you never know when someone is going to mix things up on you). Let's see if we can be surprised by.....

Turkey Hill Coffee Cake Trio'politan
Cake Batter-flavored ice cream with cinnamon graham cracker swirl,
Vanilla-flavored ice cream, and Cinnamon ice cream with cinnamon chips.

Opening shot teases the cinnamon.


Thoughts: Cinnamon has a little bite at first. It's not super strong but it will (probably) surprise you, at least a little. The chips are ok. The vanilla gets lost, but at the same time it's probably keeping things mild.... What I'm saying is that while technically it's reminiscent of a coffee cake, it's definitely not strong by any means. I guess I should be happy that there's no overpowering batter zing from the cake batter side because that was definitely a concern.

Ok, let's see what tomorrow holds in store.

On Second Scoop: I didn't really make it clear yet, but I want to say that there's just something weird about the way the cinnamon hits me. I suspect part of it is just my texture issues getting in the way, but this one just comes across out of sync for some reason. I do have a good bit of swirl in my nighttime cup of ice cream but I could use more of course. I think I'd rather see this particular idea as just one solid flavor instead of one that varies from bite to bite. So it's not perfect, but at least it's different right?

Verdict?  could be better
Buy Again?  meh


Danielle said...

This was def the flavor I was most excited to try, and I found it this past week here in NJ. I found the flavor to be too milky and mild. It's def a deconstructed coffee cake flavor but it needed more of a zing. I was thinking maybe if they swirled the flavors vs placing them side by side it could've helped things. The swirl was def my fav, it's the same swirl that's in the pumpkin which was my fav until they turned it into a FDD flavor, so that's a redeeming quality.

Eric said...

This was definitely the flavor I was most excited to try of this new line, but it just kind of fell flat. If it weren't for the swirl, which obviously isn't in every bite, it would be extremely forgettable (though it probably is anyways).

Maybe it was the plain vanilla in the middle that somewhat dragged it down since that's in the middle and more prevalent? I dunno, it seemed promising but it's not one I'm going to be targeting for a re-purchase

Dubba Scoops said...

Seems like the three of us have a similar opinion :)