Saturday, November 3, 2018

Humboldt Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
Humboldt Mint Chip Ice Cream

I've been meaning to get the Humboldt pints on the blog for awhile now. You might remember the short lived 2016 40oz containers that could be found at Walmart and Trader Joe's (see my chocolate and mint chip reviews). I wasn't terribly impressed back then but maybe I'll have a bit more luck with their pint form factor. There are seven flavors in all, including...

Humboldt Mint Chip Ice Cream   --   Humboldt Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
organic dark fudge chips in mint ice cream --- chocolate cookie chunks in vanilla ice cream

For those who frequent the walmart aisles, you may remember that last year they all had matching grey containers. They spiced up 2018 with a bit of color coding.

Mint on the left, C&C on the right

Now the cookies & cream has that off-white (slightly brown) coloring that should imply a nice cookie wafer flavoring to the base. Unfortunately it doesn't stand out as much as I had hoped. At first I thought maybe just the top was freezer burned, and granted this is the old packaging, but the sell by date on the grey pint is just two months before the sell by date on the restyled mint pint.

There's just an oddness to the flavoring. It really does taste more like freezer than cookies. Ahhhh bugger. Not sure how much more I should say.... yeah, I take a few more bites and this one has been freezer wrecked.. that or this one just has the awful aftertaste of skim milk for no reason whatsoever.

On Second Scoop: Meh everytime. Stupid aftertaste.

*History Note: When you find a 12 year old article pointing out how disappointing Humboldt Creamery ice cream is.

On to the mint and boy did it hit the spot! Yes, it's a little gummy for an all natural ice cream, and technically the tiny chocolate chips are just a little too truffle-y (soft), but these are minor complaints as I inhaled my first serving. I don't even think I was in the mood for mint and it still went down really well. Definitely not perfect but more than good enough for a mint fix.

*History Note: I was able to overlook the odd chips more than I did in my original 40oz review

Closing Thought: Humboldt pints seem to be disappearing again. Anyone else notice that?

Verdict?  Mint > C&C
Buy Again?  no on C&C, probably on the mint

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Chime said...

I've never even heard of this brand until now. That mint sounds good. O: