Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Essenti Brownie Sandwiches

I love a classic ice cream sandwich and a tick above that is the mighty ice cream cookie sandwich, but is that the ultimate sandwich style treat? Iunno, because I do love.... brownie ice cream sandwiches and oh was I shocked to see a giant box of them at market basket. I sprinted across the double wide aisle over to the end cap and quickly grabbed a box for the house. I didn't even look at the price because I knew I had to have...

Essenti Brownie Sandwiches
vanilla ice cream surrounded by two rich chocolate brownies

So these are indeed labeled for individual sale which is fine by me because I do hate unmarked white wrappers. There are probably meant for some convenience store somewhere at 2-3 bucks a pop. I can't wait to try it...

The great news that these are great. It's a nice solid ice cream filling with a decent amount of flavor inside two well textured brownie slices. It's simple but well done. The brownies are nice and soft and have good flavor. The whole thing is nice and cold (ofcourse!). And wow, yeah, I inhaled it.

It's been 10-15 minutes and I'm still savoring the aftertaste. It's got a classic ice cream sandwich filling and then mixed with those bownies, awww, delightful. Don't get me wrong, I also love an ice cream sandwich that uses chocolate cookies, but there's just that added bit of magic when you use brownies instead. I'm so going to be eating these on the way to work everyday.

On Second Scoop: I think I've had three of these now and they are always tasty. On my second try, I thought maybe I should have left it temper first, but I ate the third straight from the freezer and it was excellent. I know they are good, but try not to go to fast. Give that brownie & vanilla combo a moment to win over your tastebuds. The only minor thing I will point out is that my daughter mentioned the occasional crunchy part which I think might be ice? I only noticed it once in three tries but be aware it might be a thing. 

History Note: Who remembers Klondike What the Fudge brownie sandwiches?

Verdict?  delicious
Buy Again?  yes!!

YAY! No nut warnings!


Unknown said...

Where on the east coast can you buy these...what grocery chain?
Who makes these?

Dubba Scoops said...

Market Basket (as stated in the second sentence of the post)

Anonymous said...

I discovered these amazing ice cream sandwiches On Sale just before Fourth of July at Safeway. Unfortunately, when I returned, they were sold out. I learned why they were On Sale. They had become a Discontinued Item. So I began searching other Safeway’s Locally until I found another nearby which had 2 Boxes left. Needless to say, I “scooped” them up like there was no tomorrow!!! I checked everywhere Online including the Manufacturer with No Luck ��