Friday, December 22, 2017

Least Viewed Reviews of 2017

I like doing the top ten most viewed reviews list every year because it's both interesting and easy to compile. Doing the top ten least viewed reviews requires a bit more effort, but I did sit down and manage to get a list out of google analytics, but I'm not sure a direct list is the best way to describe what I am seeing, so let's do things a little differently.

The first big surprise was finding all of my Perry's reviews in the bottom 25% of the 2017 reviews and taking up 3 of the 10 bottom spots. On one hand, this seems unfair because they make fun flavors. On the other hand, they are just a small company out of Buffalo and so their appeal to most of you is very limited.

Not surprising is finding all but one of my local Cumberland Farms reviews in the bottom 20 reviews. Again, we are struck by limited interest because of limited exposure. Thankfully for them, their flavors and packaging make for catchy instagram photos. (if you are curious, it was the Toasty S'mores review that did best)

The next big surprise is finding my Baskin-Robbins reviews near the bottom of the list. Not a single review breaks in to the top half of reviews and the worst one clocks at #10 on the least viewed list. It figures that the one involving Reese's was the most viewed of the bunch. I know this is a freezer aisle blog but ouch...  apparently I should stick to DQ reviews which do way better.

The last surprise was how badly my fast food shake reviews do. The Hardee's Milkshake review clocks in as the worst review of the year. Maybe there's just too much online competition for things like the BK cereal shakes and such? The Arby's Cookie Butter Shake, while disappointing, made the best showing yet still didn't break in to the top 50 reviews.

The rest of the list is basically just low end or limited availability stuff, but at this point, I think you get the idea of what the stats say. I also don't want to dig too deep and bore everyone. Now, ofcourse stats aren't everything. Just because my review hasn't been seen a ton doesn't mean the product isn't popular, this is all about recapping my reviews that were actually opened in someone's web browser. We might need to factor in frequency as well. Maybe if I had done 6-8 Baskin-Robbins reviews instead of 4, maybe Google would rank my reviews higher and I would get more traffic for them overall. For example, I do lots of B&J's reviews so I get lots of B&J's traffic.

Ok, your turn to chime in. Do you find this list amusing? Do you think something is missing from it? I just had the crazy idea to re-examine this list from a flavor perspective but that will have to wait until another night. Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a nice weekend!

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