Sunday, November 19, 2017

A La Mode Ice Cream Bars : Part 2

[New for 2017] After I had a bit of an issue with my local grocery store providing me with a decent box of a la mode ice cream bars, a la mode stepped in with replacement samples of their tasty speed bump bar as well as free samples of the rest of their 2017 lineup. They put out four new ice cream bars in all this year, the two we already covered and...

A La Mode Wired Ice Cream Bars
coffee ice cream with chocolate chips
A La Mode Vanilla Bar Ice Cream Bars
classic vanilla ice cream dipped in a deep chocolate coating

Now which one is which? (sorry, winter time means not enough light in the afternoon)

I slice the vanilla bar first and it's nice. Nothing complicated here, just a simple bar with a nice finish. At first I noticed the chocolate note, but as I continued on, there is a nice building of the vanilla flavor.

I slice the coffee bar second because (as you know) coffee is not my thing. It's not super strong, but the coffee flavor is direct and to the point. It's not one of those creamy or sugary coffee flavors, it's that direct coffee flavor. I hope you know what I mean.

I mess around and finish both bars. I think the vanilla has a nice vanilla pop that you won't find in just any ol' ice cream bar. If coffee is more your thing, try that instead. The chocolate coating and the few random chips try to help balance it out a bit for us non-coffee people, but this isn't some crazy thick shell so don't expect the coffee flavor to just fade away.

I guess that's it.... wait, one more thing! I appreciate the chocolate shell not cracking and falling off. It's fairly soft and the whole thing stuck together well enough. Ok, I'm done for now. With a lack of coffee flavored treats on the market, are you glad there is another option now?

On Second Scoop: [later on in the week --- probably on the way to work]

Verdict?  straight forward
Buy Again?  sure

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Anonymous said...

I would love to try the coffee flavor! Ive often wished Magnum made a coffee bar because I love all their bars. I have not seen these yet, though. Also, I absolutely HATED coffee in any form for the first 40 years of my life. No matter how much milk or sugar it had, I found it vile. Then one day a couple of years ago, for reasons I cannot explain and still confound me to this day, I inexplicably tried a cappuccino. And I liked it. Now I’ve graduated to espresso and Cuban coffees. So you never know, lol!