Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hood Snickerdoodle Dandy Ice Cream

[Limited, new for 2017] Freezer aisle.... so slow.... must.... find.... new... products... ok, I guess this budget ice cream will do. Sure it's "limited", but I still find a container 6 months after the first time I saw it. Let's see if we can do a quick review.

Hood Snickerdoodle Dandy Ice Cream
artificially flavored vanilla light ice cream
with cinnamon swirl and snickerdoodle cookie pieces

A pretty busy start.

And now the swirl starts up.

And I got inspired to make a breakfast sundae which makes it hard to actually judge the ice cream for anything more than it's coldness. It's definitely a light ice cream but not too gummy.

I've been sneaking some bites of the base by itself and it's just not very amazing.These New England Creamery flavors can often be fun but I'm not getting that here. It was headed there, but just never got there. There's just not enough cinnamon sugar sweetness to put me in my happy place. In fact, sometimes the cinnamon has a hint of burn and that always ruins things for me.

So it's definitely nothing wonderful like their mystic white gold flavor (my gold standard for this product line). I'll keep the second scoop simple and we'll see if that helps.

On Second Scoop: I can't shake the nagging feeling that I've had this one before, at least when I put it on a waffle or something. When I eat it alone, well, man I hate cinnamon burn in ice cream. I fully regret picking this one up but at least I saved myself from the ol "gee, I wish I had tried that". Actually, with a little food coloring, you could have lied and called this a gingerbread flavor and I would have believed you. FYI That's not a compliment.

Verdict?  uggg with the burn
Buy Again?  no way

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  1. Artificial flavor BLECH! What wrong using natural vanilla flavor?!


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