Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Blue Bunny Chocolate Chip Cookie Bunny Snacks

["New" for 2017] I'll keep this quick because it's basically the same treat we know and enjoy, just without the stick. That's right, rather than have two novelties with sticks and two without, they yanked the stick out of their funwich and made it part of the "Bunny Snacks" line up.

Blue Bunny Chocolate Chip Cookie Bunny Snacks
chocolate chip cookie with vanilla reduced fat ice cream
dipped in chocolate flavored coating and chocolate chip cookie crunch

So you get six individually wrapped snacks in a big resealable bag. Now I want to say they look smaller, but they still clock in at 2.4 fluid oz a piece which is 0.1 oz bigger than they use to be. Nutrition stats are very similar with just one lost gram of fat from the original 2015 product.

Are these as tasty as always? Yeah, pretty sure they are. I did think it was easier to enjoy these when they were on the stick because these make a mess every time I have one now.

My other complaint won't be a concern to most, but I'm annoyed that these now specifically say "may contain almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans". I liked keeping these on hand as a mowing snack but I won't be doing that anymore now with the new warning (our house rules: nothing in the house gets to say "may contain nuts").

Anyway, hopefully we'll see the Bunny Snacks lineup expand in 2018, but Blue Bunny is always changing their treat line up, so who knows if it will grow or be replaced by something else. The fact that this is their third design in three years is something we just don't see a lot of.

Verdict?  tasty as always
Buy Again?  ofcourse

Allergy Note: Cross Contamination Warning


Alek said...

I think they could do a smores flavor.

Anne Sutton said...

I loved these. Perfect for my kids size-wise. As an adult, I wish they were bigger!

Dubba Scoops said...

@Aleksandr: good call

@Anne: yeah, sometimes I grab a second but really I just want like one and a half.

Jacana28 said...

My daughter and I both have a severe nut allergy so the warning is appreciated...BUT I hate missing on different ice cream flavors because they MIGHT have nuts in them. Regardless, ice cream is usually one of the safest treats for us to have.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Jacana: I'm glad you still enjoy some ice cream! I'm kind of permanently disappointed that Blue Bunny has gone the easy route and slapped a nut warning on pretty much all their products nowadays. It just seems lazy.