Thursday, September 28, 2017

Arby's Cookie Butter Shake

[New for Sept 2017] Dear Arby's, I'm going to keep this simple. Cookie butter is a very distinct flavor that is meant to be sweet and wonderful. Gingerbread flavor is not cookie butter flavor!

Arby's Cookie Butter Shake
"Indulgently sweet with cinnamon spice"

That's right, I'm very annoyed at the bait and switch here. Yes, Speculoos cookies are stronger in flavor than cookie butter, but they do not taste like gingerbread. They are two different things.

Sure, it looks pretty with a ton of crumbs, but who cares if the taste is all wrong. If you wanted to put out a gingerbread shake, that would have been fine, but I would have kept on driving. Instead, I waited patiently, handed over $4.27, and got something that tastes nothing like cookie butter.

Ok, rant over, I'm sick and I need to go to bed, but I needed to throw out the warning before I pass out. Gingerbread fans should be happy. Cookie butter fans should just keep on walking.

Verdict?  I was promised cookie butter!
Buy Again?  NO


Alek said...

I think Arby's didn't get the message! Cookie butter is different. What wrong with them plopping a spoonful of actual cookie butter in the shake?

Anonymous said...

That’s too bad! Arctic Circle (west coast only?) has a cookie butter shake during the Christmas season that is quite good. They do swirl a huge scoop of cookie butter through it.

Dubba Scoops said...

Yeah, no Arctic Circles on the east coast unfortunately.