Sunday, December 11, 2016

DQ Strawberry Funnel Cake A La Mode

[New for Summer 2016] Over the summer, DQ used up the last of it's apple tarts and began serving up something a bit more fun sounding. Having had my fair share of funnel cakes as a kid, I assumed this would at least be decent. I even get my choice of toppings: hot fudge, caramel, or...

DQ Strawberry Funnel Cake A La Mode
funnel cake topped with powdered sugar and drizzled with a topping of your choice

I just had a dumb thought. This line up is called "DQ Bakes", but isn't funnel cake fried? So did this come from a microwave, an oven or a fryer? The press mentions being "hot-from-the-oven" so I guess that answers our question but looking at it I'm just not so sure. Anyone work at DQ and want to clarify this for us?

I'm sorry, but this is a big ol' fail for me. It's not so much tragically bad, it's just that it doesn't pop on any level. I love fresh, delightfully crunchy funnel cake, but that's not here. It's just a flavorless thing under the strawberries. I also love when DQ mixes their strawberries with their vanilla softserve in a blizzard, but that magic isn't here either. It's even a pain to eat. I know it's been awhile, but doesn't funnel cake break apart? Instead I'm just digging in to it with my flimsy plastic spoon hoping that I don't cover myself in strawberry sauce and melted softserve.

I didn't even bother finishing it because I just stopped caring. In fact, I was so busy being frustrated that I didn't really notice the powdered sugar until I was closing up the container and it poofed all over me. Ugg. one final injury with the insult.

Verdict?  BORING
Buy Again?  nope


Alek said...

I think the best idea would be layer the vanilla ice cream then spoon the strawberries. Then top off with the funnel cake so it doesn't get soggy and powdered sugar

Dubba Scoops said...

I like that idea. It may not be as pretty, but at least it would be more functional and you would hopefully manage to save some of the funnel cake flavor.

Anne Sutton said...

Personally I don't care at all for the DQ bakes dessert line. I think there is way too little ice cream which is why I like DQ. Although I felt the same way about that dessert line that Cold Stone Creamery had going. The ice cream wound up second fiddle to a mediocre baked dessert that was overpriced. I'll pass and stick with just ice cream.

Unknown said...

I just tried to order the funnel cake but it was discontinued I loved the funnel cake