Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Graeter's Black Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Things are really slow right now but that doesn't mean things are completely static. Case in point: Price Chopper has  been stocking more Graeters flavors and while this next flavor isn't new, I've never actually had it before.

Graeter's Black Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
made with "sweet dark cherries from the Pacific Northwest"

That's a nice opening shot, you can tell this will be a nice busy pint. You never know for sure how the cherry component will play out in a flavor like this but the cherry chunks seem to have a nice dispersion going. Instead of icy half cherries we seem to have varying sizes along with cherry bits here and there. This one has promise...

...and that's just beautiful.

I take a bite and it's delightful. I was good and let it temper and so now the flavor pops as soon as it hits your tastebuds. Graeters has such a great base product that it's just a wonderful conveyence for a bright, clean flavor like this. Man that is delightful.

Ok, I didn't even really need to review this one, it's Graeter's, when is it not good? Cherries are fresh and not icy, also flavorful and not fake tasting. It pops without overpowering. Nice consistent flavor. No extra ingredients getting in the way here.  I feel like I should say more but I don't know what to add. It's spot on. Well done as always Graeters.

Instead of a second scoop, let's ask a question instead: anyone out there not like Graeter's? I know some think the chips can get in the way and I think that's a fair point, but on the whole it's a high quality product that's always enjoyable. This one in particular is just so fresh that I would say eat around the chips if they bug you because the base is worth it. What do you think?

Verdict?  excellent
Buy Again?  sure


Anonymous said...

I agree Graeter's does not disappoint. In fact it's the only brand that has fruit flavored ice creams that don't make me regret not getting something chocolate or PB. They now also have gelato which has not made its way down to Florida yet. I really want to try the Bananas Foster gelato. Since all Publix locations now carry Graeters maybe more flavors will be carried. I used to only be able to purchase at The Fresh Market. Also my favorite flavor is Buckeye Chocolate Chip.

Anonymous said...

I thought this flavor was fantastic, and I'm not usually a fan of cherry ice cream.

I love Graeters. I wish I could get cheese crown in my area. I'm dying to try it!

Bagels said...

I agree completely, I don't have access to some of the regional brands so maybe there is some better out there but to me, they are the most solid brand out there. Consistent in quality across all the flavors. And I'm very excited that the Peppermint Stick should be coming back soon, that is my favorite ice cream...when it comes around in winter it's pretty much the only flavor I eat until spring. The crunchy candy canes are addictive

Dubba Scoops said...

@Anon#1: not sure what is up with their gelato line, I'm not sure how well it's actually doing

@Anon#2: I hope someone stocks it soon!

@Bagels: Hopefully price chopper will stock it this year, it's been too long!