Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ben & Jerry's Confetti Cake Ice Cream

[New for Late 2016] Walmart has one more new exclusive flavor this year and it might look oddly familiar because of one of the components. I was worried it would take forever to find this one because my Walmart has been awful for stocking new stuff this year.

Ben & Jerry's Confetti Cake Ice Cream
vanilla cake batter ice cream with sprinkles,
cake pieces & vanilla frosting swirls

Looks like Cotton Candy except for that one cake piece sticking out.

It's actually even more yellow than this, but it's hard to capture.

So we've got a bold cake flavored based, as bold as any other of their cake flavored ice creams. Add in the sugar crunch bits from their Cotton Candy flavor and some yellow cake pieces and you've got a very flavorful mix.

I'm not a huge cake flavored ice cream fan, but the bits add a nice fun factor that I can dig. The bits are plentiful and have a crunch similar to eating a sugar cube. The cake bits are and aren't a factor. I don't feel like I am running in to that directly, yet it feels like they are ingrained in every bite. I think it's the grit of the colorful bits that tricks your mind into thinking you are always getting cake.

I've only had a very small serving to start and now I'm debating if that's enough of a sugar rush for now or if I want a second small serving. I definitely like it though. I called the cotton candy flavor the adult version of cotton candy, but this flavor is way more youthful. It's a ton of flavor from the first bite to the last. This is not for people who don't like overly sweet things.  As I am sitting here with the sugar laden aftertaste, I... actually I don't know how to end this sentence.

On Second Scoop: Rather than waiting until tomorrow, I decided to have a bit more of this one before bed and I just realized that it has a bit of an eggy custard vibe to it. The ice cream is very dense and regular cake batter does have eggs in it, so it makes sense I might think this way. Ha, reading our Cake My Day review again and yeah, this is very much that base again, but now with the cotton candy bits providing more fun than that swirl. If you like cake flavors, you should definitely give this one a try. If you want the eggy-ness to come alive, eat it straight from the freezer. If you want the bits to be more of a factor, make sure you let it temper. (I feel a little dumb for not noticing this on the other flavor). Ok, happy hunting for this one.

On Third Scoop: I felt a little weird making that egg/temper comment so I gave it one more shot today and sure enough, it's more of a cake batter vibe when you let it temper. I prefer my ice cream straight from the freezer (because I have no patience), but I say let this one sit for full effect.

Verdict?  very sweet
Buy Again?  yup


Unknown said...

See, I told you that you would get it soon. It's very sweet but GOOD. For me maybe once every 2 weeks to keep my blood sugar in check.

Anonymous said...

Would calling it the love child of their Cotton Candy & Cake my Day flavors be an accurate description?

Dubba Scoops said...


Anonymous said...

For those that loved this flavor or never had the chance to find it (it seemed that my local Walmart stores had a hard time getting it in last year) the Grocery Outlet has it for $1.99. This was one of my favorite flavors from last year so I got nine & might go back for more. For those that aren't familiar with this store it's a near expiration/discontinued store.

Hoping that one day Ben & Jerry's adds this to their permanent lineup.