Monday, October 10, 2016

Humboldt Mint Chip Ice Cream

[New for 2016] Hopefully it's a passing trend, but it seems harder and harder to find a decent version of classic flavors as I walk down the freezer aisle. Many mainstream brands have lowered their quality while the fancy brands are either super high in calories or they just don't do certain classic flavors. Case in point, I was at Walmart with my daughter and she wanted mint ice cream. There wasn't a whole lot of options, but since a people seem to be checking out the other Humboldt review, let's take a crack at....

Humboldt Mint Chip Ice Cream
chocolaty chips in mint ice cream

Apparently my daughter has already had her first scooping.

I'll keep it simple. It's a fine mint flavor, one that is more Talenti than toothpaste. The texture isn't super dense, instead it's fairly soft and not necessarily what you might expect from an organic or even an all natural ice cream. It's not my personal preference but maybe you've been looking for something a bit different.

Those two points aside, I think it will be the small but plentiful chocolate chips that make or break this one for you. They are those weird chips that are neither soft nor hard. They thud but in a soft way. I just had them in another flavor but can I remember which one? Oh yeah, duh, the organic vanilla fudge chip ice cream from Trader Joes. It makes sense that they are the same chips since these two products are made by the same people. I didn't hate the chips then but I wasn't a huge fan either. The mint exaggerates the weirdness rather than trying to compliment it. Again, maybe you are looking for something different in your chocolate chips, but it's not my preference.

So this isn't a bad product, but it doesn't work as well as the vanilla version. It's not a total loss or anything but I just don't expect it to call my name anytime soon. The dumb little chips just seem like too much effort to get through. If you think I'm crazy or have tried this one, let me know in the comments.

*Note: it was implied by the original press release that these would be a Walmart exclusive but they can also be found at Trader Joe's (often at a much lower cost)

Verdict?  not bad
Buy Again?  meh


Danielle said...

I still think the best mint flavor is TH Mint Choc Chip or B&J Empowermint

D... said...

Mint Choc Cookie from B and Js is my all time favorite mint, but only when you get at least one huge unbroken cookie in the pint. I am going organic for almost everything these days, but the amount of ingredients here makes this one a no. All kinds of oils and fillers.

Justin said...

ack. reading your review because I just saw these at trader joes tonight and curiosity got me and I got a pint and I'm eating this as I read your review. You are spot on with these chocolate chips being an overkill. they're also of such a weird consistency that I don't know what to make of it. Definitely does not compliment the mint flavor. I highly doubt my ability to finish the pint even. Maybe when it's really hot out and I'm absolutely desperate for something cold.