Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Curious Creamery Ice Cream Cake Mix

[New for 2016] At the beginning of summer, the Curious Creamery sent over free samples of their two new products. I had a blast trying out their quart sized ice cream mix, but now it's time to step up to the big leagues and try to make a cake.

The Curious Creamery Ice Cream Cake Mix
can you guess which kind of cake I'm going to make?

You get two packages in a box, but one should suffice today.

The recommended base recipe is 1.125 cups of milk, 2.25 cups of heavy cream, and about 3/4 cup of sugar. Ofcourse I had no cream handy so I went to the store and apparently they don't have any small containers of heavy cream handy either, so I went with a 16 oz container of light cream. It wasn't exactly cold from the trip back from the store, so I let it sit in the back of the freezer while I got everything ready.

My final recipe is: 2 cups of semi-frozen light cream, 2.25 cups of 2% milk, at least 3/4 cups of dark brown sugar, lots of vanilla, a bit of cinnamon snospice, and then I mixed in some of my scooby doo bone crumbs as I whipped the mix together.

That big side is full and there is a bit left, so I decided to use the little side for some chocolate fun. I added in some dark chocolate snospice and a bit of nesquik and poured it in.

I have no idea how I'm going to get this out of here

My creation is in the freezer and it doesn't even matter how it turned out because I had a ton of fun. Sure I made a mess, but I alway make a mess when I'm having cooking fun... well, at least when I'm doing something creative.

Five days have passed and I finally pulled my cake out of the freezer. It's a little odd looking at first, but I scooped out the chocolate side and then let the graham side fall on a plate.

HA! Not what I expected but very cool looking none the less. I did plan on the chips being at the top of the cake, but I didn't expect the graham to settle as well. Also, look closely. You can see that the marshmallows all rose to the top of the pan (which is now the bottom of the ice cream cake). Apparently I should have stirred it a bit but it does make for a fun visual.

Now there's good news and bad news for the actual cake. The good news is that it's very flavorful. I went a little (too?) crazy and it shines through on the taste. If you mix the chocolate top with the graham bottom, mmmm, great combo. The bad news is that the texture is awful, I must have totally messed something up. The texture is super icy and I'm not sure why it's so drastically different from the regular ice cream mix I used. Did I not whip it enough? Did I mess up the ingredients? I have no idea, but I have another package to try and hopefully we'll get better results.

Verdict?  such fun
Buy Again?  we'll see if I can get mix #2 to work first


Anonymous said...

The texture issue is probably because of the light cream, the fat content's way lower than heavy cream like they want so that's probably what's making it so icy rather than creamy like it should be. If you want mix#2 to turn out better then I'd say definitely try to find some heavy cream instead of substituting again although it's such a shame this one turned out like it did because the flavoring combinations sounded so delicious!

Dubba Scoops said...

Yeah, makes sense, I was hoping it was as flexible on the liquid as the quarts are but maybe not!