Sunday, August 28, 2016

Market Basket Butter Crunch Ice Cream

Ok, time for a quick review of something from Market Basket. It's been lingering in the freezer for awhile as it was part of my plan to fill in during this lackluster summer we are having. I don't think I've ever officially covered anything from MB before, but I wanted to try something a bit different from them, plus I had a positive experience with Turkey Hill Butter Brickle ice cream.

Market Basket Butter Crunch Ice Cream
toffee flavored ice cream with butter crunch candy

Ok, that's a little strange looking...

...and that's a lot strange looking!
Those are some precise little puddles of butter crunch candy.

I thought there would be a crunch, but not so much, instead it's basically a tiny puddle of caramel, but it has that burnt toffee edge to it. The added complexity is a nice touch, but there is a certain weirdness to it. I can't quite describe it though. Unnecessarily potent maybe? This one is shots of toffee in a bland, ice cream like substance. I try mixing it together but it doesn't really help. It's still strangely potent. There's almost got a menthol-like effervescence to it. Actually, it's almost got a bit of toffee cake batter flavor to it now that I mixed it up.

On Second Scoop: So my first scooping went pretty... negative shall we say and there is good reason for it because I suspect a lot of people would hate this flavor (the way people hate B&J's toffee flavors). That said, I do have to give some props to Market Basket for being so bold on the budget flavor. Whether it was accidental or on purpose, it does make for a potent component of whatever ice cream treat you want to make. Me? I was making milkshakes by mixing this stuff with snospice. It's funny because too much pumpkin snospice kills the butterscotch vibe but then a blast of cinnamon snospice helps restore some of the balance.

Verdict?  potent
Buy Again?  nope


Danielle said...

Friendly's makes a flavor called Butter Brickle which is really good...

Dubba Scoops said...

Actually theirs is called Butter Crunch too, but I havent tried it yet

Danielle said...

Sorry I knew I had it wrong right after I typed it. It's really good!