Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Blue Bunny Cherrific Cheesecake Ice Cream

[New for early 2016, returned late 2016] When I bought the amusing Blue Bunny Hippity Hop Berry ice cream a few weeks back, I also picked up a seasonal flavor. Cheesecake isn't really my thing, but in general my wife usually helps me finish off flavors like this.

Blue Bunny Cherrific Cheesecake Ice Cream
cherry cheesecake ice cream with cherry and graham swirls

First serving is a bit of a cheat as it will have all the cherry sauce in it.

Funny, the first big bite I took has some graham swirl in it and for a moment I thought I tasted caramel. I take two more bites and it's more graham flavor than cheesecake flavor which is very surprising.

A few more bites in and the cheesecake flavor grows. The cherry sauce has a bit of bite to it, it's definitely pronounced.

I'm not really digging the texture on this one. It's a bit.... more static than I would like. I don't want to say gummy so much as I do firm. Maybe it's meant to represent a firm cheesecake more than ice cream.

It doesn't help I just had Graeters fantastic Cheese Crown the other day so the bar is set pretty high at the moment. Let me try mixing everything together to see what happens. Well the cheesecake flavor is much more pronounced now, but so is the oddness of the texture. I hate to use the word slimy but I cant think of something more polite at the moment.

I like the flavor much more now that it's mixed together. It's cheesecake first with cherry notes and an graham undercurrent. An interesting first serving to say the least. I'm thinking scoop #2 should go better.

On Second Scoop: You know, I really expected this one to be long gone out of my freezer by now, long since eaten by the Mrs., but it's still kind of sitting there... lonely and unloved. I take another serving and the base with some graham swirl is fine. The base with the flavorful cherry swirl is fine. The multitude of bites of just plain base, not as exciting shall we say. I think what's hanging me up is that the cherry just isn't prevalent enough. Cherry cheesecake is fun. The cherry flavor easily reminds me of a can of cherries. It's just not in every bite and it really should be. This one excels when you get a bite with everything, the other bites are just for those that want something cheezy.

Verdict?  could use some tweaks
Buy Again?  unlikely


Anonymous said...

Oh darn. I've got a tub sitting in my freezer.
Oh well, maybe I'll be surprised and like it enough. But usually I'm pretty matched with the reviews, lol.

Dubba Scoops said...

Make sure you check back in. It's not bad, it just didn't click with anybody in the house, i hope you have better luck.

Anonymous said...

I'll agree. It's not bad. As exploring my more limited options where I'm at now, it does its job. I guess I've just liked other flavors of Blue Bunny and others better worth the freezer space. It will still be consumed far too quickly, lol. Doesn't get banished as inedible to the trash. Ha ha.

Danielle said...

I noticed at my ShopRite Edy's has been removed to make way for the Blue Bunny. Have you seen that in your area? How does the new BB compare to the old? Did they tweak their recipes when they rebranded in your opinion?

Anonymous said...

I love this flavor :) It's a nice light cherry cheesecake flavored ice cream.

Unknown said...

I am crazy about this flavor! I love how the cherry swirl is so reminiscent of the canned cherry pie filling so often associated with cheesecake. The graham cracker "swirl" running throughout might be be better described as a graham cracker "crunch". Tart & tangy, creamy & crunchy, it's got it all in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

This is the best ice cream I've ever eaten! It tastes identical to cheesecake and the cherry flavor is amazing! It could use a bit more Graham swirls, but still amazing!

Unknown said...

I love this icecream.. sad that it's seasonal :(

Anonymous said...

I am actually quite addicted to this ice cream! I actually found this blog while looking for a way to purchase more , since both Walmart stores I was previously able to find it at have sold out. I know it's seasonal, but I'm not quite ready to say goodbye so I was hoping to find some floating around the interwebs. I've never considered paying to ship ice cream until this flavor came around. It's absolutely perfect. I has the best cheesecake flavor in it's ice cream that I have ever had , though I am completely up to trying other recommended ones :-). The cherry is absolutely perfect, and although you *COULD* scoop it all off the top and have it in one giant cherry conglomeration, common sense says to scoop from the top down, not over, and save some for the next servings. The crust is perfect! The best way to describe it , I think, is to say that someone made a homemade buttery graham crust, and instead of mashing it into the pan they mixed it into this ice cream. I've never used the word " Grainy" in a good way, but it is grainy and delish and the perfect way to get the crust flavor through in my opinion. If you have this flavor available to you, it might not be your cup of yum, but it just could be the best flavor you've had in a long while. It's certainly worth a few bucks to try it and find out, I'm super glad I did even though it's put me in this terrible predicament of " Oh crap, no more...now what? ".

Anonymous said...

I am in LOVE with this ice cream. I really wish it was a standard flavor. I am only allowed 2 servings of dairy a week, and would love a bowl of this right now.

Anonymous said...

I love this ice cream! I also love cherry cheesecake. I am dying for it to come back out!