Friday, October 23, 2015

Open Nature White Chocolate Raspberry Gelato Bars

I finally made it back to Shaws the other day, and while I didn't find anything truly new, I did find something new to me, and I'm pretty stoked about it.

Open Nature White Chocolate Raspberry Gelato Bars

Clear wrapper answers the question of what's inside.

Looks kind of meh.

Honest first impression? Yeah, I won't be buying these again. While they arent quite as fake as Breyers "gelato", they are close enough were I won't be trying the other flavors. The gelato is very gummy. It's literally just flopping around on the stick as I start to sample it. That's just sad.

I'm kind of in shock right now. The pint form was really enjoyable, but food science has kicked in and ruined this treat for me. I do not like the way super gummy treats kind of just bounce around on your taste buds. I wanted a clean, crisp treat to send me off to sleep but instead I got gums sticking together and in need of being washed off. Ok, sorry, that's harsh, it's not THAT BAD, but I am disappointed. A lot.

On Second Scoop: You know what this treat has going for it? The flavor. I still really dig the flavor and instead of messing around with savoring the bar, I just started chomping away before the texture annoyed me, and you know what? It worked. In a perfect world, this bar would be thicker and rocking a better texture, but seriously, it's not that bad. I enjoyed the flavor and I'll definitely finish the box. (I think I may have to try one of these between a pair of Eggo Wafflers)

Verdict?  not as good as the pint version
Buy Again?  nah

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Jim Getten said...

Their chocolate gelato bars are hard to find but well worth the hunt.