Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hood Raspberry Crunch Lowfat Frozen Yogurt

[By Nick] Time for a new product that isn't all that new. Remember Hood's Greek froyo line? Well, they killed that this year. However, for those who liked that line, there's some good news. The raspberry granola flavor has now be reborn into their regular froyo line. Let's skip the semantics and see how this one compares to its fallen comrade.

Hood Raspberry Crunch Lowfat Frozen Yogurt
Vanilla flavored lowfat frozen yogurt with a raspberry swirl and a granola crunch

It looks not surprisingly like the old Greek version. Seriously, it even smells like the original. And last but not least, it tastes like the original. Seriously, the only difference here from the Greek version is the name, the carton it comes in and the texture. It's not quite as thick as the Greek version but that's not much of a big difference on its own.

The vanilla base is mild but does its job which is to be a vessel to transport mix-ins into my mouth. The raspberry swirl is bright, sweet and slightly tart. Nothing artificial or fake going on here. Lastly, you get a ton of granola in each spoonful. I'm a sucker for granola in frozen desserts and it's nothing new here. The granola definitely lives up to its name because the crunch factor is strong.

While I might have sounded negative about this flavor in the beginning, I truly wasn't. I really did enjoy the original one and this froyo is a welcome addition to the regular line up. Would I have liked to see them at least attempt to make it different from the original? Yes. Am I going to finish this container? Easily. While I'm not a fan of companies recycling a flavor, I am happy Hood decided to make sure this flavor didn't die completely.

Okay, I might have just wrote the most confusing review. If you're still with me, this is a great froyo. If you're missing the Greek version, this is more than a suitable replacement. If you're curious about this one, don't hesitate to try it out. Before I get anymore confusing, I'm just going to say I hope you all have a great night!

Verdict?  Granola cures all wounds
Buy Again?  More than likely


Anonymous said...

Eating this now , but my granola isn't crunchy lol

Anonymous said...

Is this the same as their greek one?