Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Graeter's Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

[By Nick, Seasonal] Not too long ago, Graeter's announced their new line of ice cream sandwiches. They were gracious enough to send me over a couple of each variety but before we get to those treats, there was also a surprise in my shipment. You see, this is one of their seasonal flavors that's limited enough that it doesn't even have an official pint design.

Graeter's Key Lime Pie Ice Cream
Key Lime Ice Cream with Graham Cracker Chunks
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Well this ice cream looks great. The chunks of graham crackers are a lot bigger than normal companies for sure. I mean, it is Graeter's we're talking about and all so I shouldn't be so surprised.

The base isn't as I was expecting. It's more like a buttermilk taste going on. There is a definite key lime present in the base but it's very milky. It's not something I'd want normally but it's not bad either. I'd just prefer a stronger lime presence.

The graham cracker chunks are a mix of textures. Some are crunchy and the others are more on the soggy side. The crunchy ones are awesome and the soggy ones aren't all that bad either.

As a whole, if a key lime cream pie exists, this is it in ice cream form. Thanks to Graeter's for the sample!

Verdict?  Milkier than you'd expect
Buy Again?  I'd consider it.


ibagoalie said...

oh, I love key lime, but like it a little more tart. SO while I'll keep my eye out for this, I probably won't think it's perfect. Ciao Bella has a really good key lime flavor.

Squires32 said...

Love lime! Glad to see this coming out.